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Tackle came, few questions

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I think I've kept the UPS guy in business the past week delivering lures. As it's been about 15 years since I was dodger and squid fishing Lake Michigan I will say that the 11 inch flashers are HUGE and the spoons look very similar to the Northport Nailers we used to fish with. Now that I have my gear I've got a few questions:

1)In reading the posts it appears most use the 8 inch SDs but quite a few use the 11 inch flashers. Whether it's 8versus10 SDs or 8versus11paddles/flashers, what do you guys use the most of......8s or 11s?

2)I see the SDs come with the swivel attached to the less aggressive hookup in the back, which do you guys use the most?

3)It appears that about a 24 inch lead to the 8inch and 31-34 inch lead to the 11 inch flashers, is that the norm?

4)With the Big Jon Pro Tournaments I've had one individual say I shouldn't run the side riggers (pointed out not behind) the full 4 feet but take a section out and run them at 3......any thoughts?

5)I'm new the the braided and lead core rods. I think I've read where the braided is used on the outsides with the dipsys to take them out and back.....but excuse my ignorance but how is the lead core most commonly used??

Thanks for your patience with me - Dan

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As far as leader length 18 to 24 with the SD's and 30 to 36 with the paddles is a good start. I usually run the hole by the fins on the SD. As far as the outdowns I run mine shorter because it helps keep my divers from getting too close to my riggers on turns. On the divers I mostly run all wire on them, but do have a pair of fireline divers for high fishing. Leadcore should be run off boards out to the side to keep it out of the fish battling zone, or when you hook up you'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up messes. I have a pair each of 3 color, 4 color, 5 color, and full cores. They catch a lot of fish. I also have 4 300 coppers for the deeper stuff. Keep in mind you can add weight to get any of these deeper.

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Hey Dan, here's my 2 cents.

1) A lot of guys use 11 inch paddles, I personally like the 8" spinny's. Depends what you are targeting and what the fish are telling you.

2)I usually leave the swivel where it is, but I have switched it before, again depends on what the fish are telling you. Lately it seems like less movement is catching bigger fish.

3) 24" and 31-34" is a good starting point, sometimes the big guys like a lot less whip action on the fly so 36" is not uncommon on the 8" spinny's.

4) I really wouldn't see a problem running the 4 foot booms on the Big Jons. Big Jon is an awesome company and I'm sure if something broke because of the way it was built it would be replaced for free. We run older captain's packs and have never had an issue that was not caused by our own stupidity!

5) Most guys use braid for their "high" divers, and wire for their "low" divers. The "high" diver is usually put on the 3 setting and the "low" diver is put on the 1 or 1.5 setting. This way the braid ("high") diver does not go as deep and planes farther out to the side. If your plans do not include wire then just run you dipsies on your braid, pretty much any setting you'd like. I would suggest 1.5.

Lead core is run off of inline planer boards, mostly. Some run it on "big" boards or outriggers. Inline boards are definitely the most common way to deploy lead. All of the colors are let out and the board is attached to the backer. Full cores (10 colors), 7 color, and 5 color shine in the summer. Some run double cores or fifteen colors, most though go to copper for those depths now.

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Wow - You guys are really helpful........thanks a million.

An interesting side note.....back in 1980 I went out to the northwest coast logging and fell in love with salmon fishing. When I came back to Minnesota in about 82 I took my Salmon skills to Lake Michigan and we caught more fish than we ever dreamed of out on the coast (although the fish on the coast could get up to 70 lbs). I was taught by a traditional salmon guy who only mooched with cut herring, so I never got into downrigger fishing in the ocean. But back then the downrigger guys used flashers and I always wondered why we used dodgers instead of flashers on Lake Michigan back in the 80s.

Well I guess it comes full circle with flashers now the thing to use.

Thanks again - Dan

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Dan, as far as the riggers go, It's nice to keep the back of the boat open for landing fish. Pointing the back riggers on a 45 deg angle off the back corners will help to open it up. Cores on boards is a must. An angry king coming up the back of you boat with a core fishing there makes a big mess.

OffShore or Church Boards are what you want. Many say the new Zboards work well also.

A rule of thumb on the fly leader is, 2.5-3 times the length of the flasher.

Get your self a big net with a long handle.

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1)I use both the 8" and 10 or 11" flashers. I run SD's, Fish Catchers and DW Paddles. More often than not its the 8" off the dipseys simply because theyve treated me so well there and the bigger paddles on the deep riggers for the very same reason. Nothings set in stone though, i may run a big paddle up on the dipsey as well. I have no preference, just the one the fish have that day.:thumb:

2)I use my SD's in the fin hole

3)Most times on my 8" flashers im running a 22-24" leader from tip of loop to bend in rear hook. I may go another foot if thats not going. As far as the 11", ill run them 30-36" range and may go all the way up to 50". Just listen to the fish.

4)You can run them out 4' if you want, but youll probably have a bit more bounce to the boom. Probably why they recommended going shorter.

5)Braid is commonly used to deploy dipeys, can be used on a pump handle set up and is used frequently to back lead core.

Its thin diameter allows you to get ample backer of a higher # line on a smaller sized reel compared to using thicker mono as backing for lead core. I generally run 250-300 yds of 30# power pro on my 27# lead core with a 40' section of 30# mono in between the power pro and the lead core for attaching to the planer board. I use a back to back uniknot for the power pro to mono connection and the willis knot for the mono to lead core connection. On the business end of the lead core i drop down to a 20' piece of 20# leader for attaching my lure. The reason for stepping down in # line as your go from backer to core to leader is to lessen the chance that the backer or core will break, but rather the lighter leader. Thus, youd only be out a lure instead of a whole lead core.

And because braid is thin, its a great choice for the dipseys as mention. Will get ya pretty darned deep. Often times in a multi dipsey set up per side the inside rod or low diver will have wire. Dipsey will likely be set at 1-1 1/2. The outside or high diver will be set at 3-3 1/2. This will allow you to comb several layers of water with the dipseys. Of course if your only running one dipsey per side then you can set them wherever youd like. But when running multiples per side i like to keep them at least 2 1/2 numbers apart on the settings to reduce the chance of tangling.

Try using the U.S.P.S. cheaper rates and keeps some of us with a job!

Im all for keeping you in a job, but the USPS is not cheaper here by any means on some items. I use the USPS allot as i live right next door and my Dad leases them the building, but on any items that are of any size or weight theres no comparison in price. Shipped two deer feeders to Arkansas and there was a significant difference in price for tracking, ins. etc. Original price was cheap, but by the time i added tracking, ins along with the oversized box and weight charges it was no contest. Not trying to stir the pot just saying. Id rather use em, as theyre more convenient for me, but they just make it hard to on items like that. Ive also had some issue with tracking items that ive purchased. Other than that, i love the smaller priortiy boxes, its a great way to ship items.

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