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  1. I too got that e-mail along with 3 or 4 other fishy ones. If it even begins to look like a scammer I don't waste my time.
  2. As far as leader length 18 to 24 with the SD's and 30 to 36 with the paddles is a good start. I usually run the hole by the fins on the SD. As far as the outdowns I run mine shorter because it helps keep my divers from getting too close to my riggers on turns. On the divers I mostly run all wire on them, but do have a pair of fireline divers for high fishing. Leadcore should be run off boards out to the side to keep it out of the fish battling zone, or when you hook up you'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up messes. I have a pair each of 3 color, 4 color, 5 color, and full cores. They catch a lot of fish. I also have 4 300 coppers for the deeper stuff. Keep in mind you can add weight to get any of these deeper.
  3. Wow I didn't know they made that many 27's. I bought mine in 93 and she was ten with less than 400 hrs. I've been running her hard as a charter boat ever since. I hate to look at the hours, but I can't complain. One new shaft and coupling, a couple head change outs, new electronic ign., 4 or 5 impeller changes, new canvas and curtains. Speaking of that I want one of those hard tops, what do they run.
  4. I keep mine mounted by the helm of the salmon slayer as that's where the speed is controlled from. If your dash is full (as mine is) mount it to the hard top or the top of the windshield. My Sub Troll is mounted on the aluminum above the windshield as I don't have a hard top. With it there I can see it from anywhere in the boat.
  5. Mike I use the 45 lb Howie copper. I have 6 300 copper rigs on the boat and just add weight to get deeper.
  6. The chart above looks to be pretty accurate from my experience. I troll at 2 to 2.3 at the ball for kings most of the time and have hung bottom going straight in 80 ft pulling a spindoctor and fly.
  7. Welcome to a great site, always good to have new ideas from fellow captains. Also fish reports and networking for those tough days after a blow.
  8. Anybody here fishing the ice tournament on Hamlin. I plan on fishing it unless I get some work. I fished one on Devils last year and was impressed by the way it was run and the people involved.
  9. I have been a Lowrance fan for over 20 yrs, not anymore. I am sold on Raymarine. Bought a C120 System Pack and Love it. I am a little disapointed in the Navionics card I put in it as it doesn't show the depth contours out deep. The unit itself is awesome.
  10. Went 12 for 16 landing 10 steelies and 2 kings. Super Slims in mixed veggie, monkey shine.and DOC on 3, 4, and 5 colors with the salmon on blue bubble spinnie and blue blade spinnie. 1 on a rigger at 100 and one on the wire at 180.
  11. As Adam said the fishing has been awesome. The fish we've been marking for weeks finally turned on big time. It's been limits every trip, both am and pm. Mostly a spindoctor and DW paddle bite for me. 80 to 160 down on riggers and 320-280 on the high wires, 260-220 on the lows. A few spoon and plug bites on the cores and coppers when I have a chance to get them out. We've been fishing from the 53's to the 58's and out from the 35's to the 38's. Glow blades and blue blades all with glow tape and blue fairways flies and green mirage and pickled sunshine flies.
  12. Great Job Adam, way to get the program down. I'm thinking a lot of charter clients would have liked a catch like that. It was definately bumpy especially after about 9 or so. Wednesday was real ugly with 7 to 8 footers, but no boat traffic.
  13. Wow what a week, it's amazing what an hour and a ton of boat traffic can do to the fishing, let alone my tackle. Great job on the catch Matt, a lot of boats would have loved to have had that catch Thurs. Fri. Sat. And Sun. Including myself and a bunch of other Charter boats. I struggled to take 7 fish on the bank Thurs. Fri I had engine probs that cost me a half hour of the start and we only hit and landed 2 fish. Of course Sat morn I had a trip so left the Dock at 5am and took 8 fish by 11am. A 22lb, a 20lb, 2 15lbers 2 10lbers and 2 6 to 7lb lake trout. Lost 2 divers, one to a fish and one to a boat. Lost 2 full cores and boards, one to the net and one to a fish that was cut off by another boat. Adam where were you fishing that you saw Best Chance ?
  14. That sucks, hope you took lots of pics and got documentation from the guy doing the repairs. I would consider talking to an attorney. Who was the inspector. I know sometimes they look at the boat make and base their decisions on past history of defects from that manufacturer. The guy I had was out of Traverse City and he was great. But he knows Tiaras so that also helped.
  15. My trip showed up and we got away from the dock by 445am. Ran up off the bath house in 110ft. Set a half core with an ace hi out and started getting divers out and it was on. As fast as I could get them started out they would go. Had 4 on all the time for the first half hour and couldn't get set up. Then they shut off. Boat rode for the next 3 hrs with only 4 more bites and landing 2 of those. Then pulled lines and ran back to the harbor and fished out front. Hit 3 or 4 small kings and got 2. Ended up 10 for 15 with 7 being 14 to 20 lbers. Nice to see those big knotheads. Should have left the dock at 4am, that full moon bite is early.
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