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Green Bay 5/28 - 6/5

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My brother from Wisconsin and I fished Green Bay all last week for walleyes, but caught lots of other species in ther process....catfish, pike, perch, a million sheephead, and a muskie that spooled off 150 feet of line before he shook loose.

The biggest surprise was water temp - 74 degrees + all week. I initially assumed that meant fish would be deeper, but was wrong. 90% of the walleyes we caught during the week were in seven FOW. This was true whether we were down in University Bay or up on the shoulders of the channel, and whether it was bright and sunny or raining downpours.

Biggest fish for the week was 5 lbs, with several more 3.5-4. Maybe the bigger ones were in deeper water and I just couldn't fnd them. Wasn't really as concerned about finding tournament fish, anyway, as much as good action and lots of 'eaters.'

Tried crankbaits a few times during the week, but everything was caught on crawler harnesses. Final day (Friday) was very fun with drenching rain early and overcast the balance of the day. 6.5-7.5 FOW pulling crawlers 11 feet behind the boards on 1 oz inlines with a hammered gold willow blade was the hot setup. Ran it right next to other colors in the same depth, but they wanted that gold willow blade. Pulled a couple limits then headed back in for drying off and final fish fry of the week.

Caught the most walleyes ever in one of our brother fishing weeks...ate them all week and brought home many for the freezer. Fantastic time!!

One pic below (still can't figure out how to post multiple).




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One pic below (still can't figure out how to post multiple).

Those are some great Walleye Steve. Thanks for the update.

It's easiest to open a second tab when posting mutable images, or you can keep going back to the edit and adding them.

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