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BoatU.S. - TowboatU.S.

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This is the website for BoatU.S./TowboatU.S. You can zoom in on your area, and find the phone number for the towboat at your port. Program the phone number for your port, in your cell phone.

If you insurance does not cover towing, you can purchase towing insurance directly from them. The costs is $58 for 1 year of coverage.

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For 58 dollars, i did it. thanks for the link. one tow a few years ago on lake eire was enough for me. I had 500 towing and still had to put out a couple hundred to get towed in after being reimbersed from the insurance 7 weeks later.


i honestly never looked into just having the towing. i know when i did get towed they mentioned it but just kind of let it slip. i dont think i will be without it again for that price and having no hassles if something does go wrong.

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