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G.H. to Port Sheldon 6/14, 8-11

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Started the day at 3pm for perch with my Dad. Caught a few gobies by the bubbla then decide to head to G.H. cause we heard they were getting some near the piers there. By 7pm we were perchless so we started the troll back to Port Sheldon. Heard a little kid talkin up the 120fow range while we were perchin so started there and headed south (kid was right on). We went 8-11 with 4 nice kings 8-12lbs., 3 shakers, and one 10lb. laker. Pulled lines at 10pm for the 3hr. tour.

5 color core -Blue Freakin veggies

Rigger down 40- Captain Garys Special DW

Dipseys out 75- Blue Freakin veggies and a Mag. Silver Streak duno the name of but looks like a Captain Garys (So spoons with Orange,Yellow, and Blue)

10 color core- Double Trouble (After Dark in the 80 fow range)

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One more thing I'd like to add that may help someone.

NEVER!!!! drop an anchor anywheres close to the bubbler. I put the anchor down by that thing and I think I set it right on top of the intake pipe. It started to pull like crazy so I tied it off thinking I could drive it out of there and then it was pulling the front end of my boat right down and it felt as if we were riding a bull, we could not get it back so I had to cut the line. Needed a new better anchor anyways!

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Wish I would have stayed in (shallow) Sat night.

Went out to 270 out of ps and got sick of not marking fish.

Caught a few on the way back in the 135 area and were markign lots of fish 25feet down.

Saturday night blew Mark! we ended up 1-1 with only one other rigger release (hit the slider) but it never got a hook in em. Dont think it mattered where you were the fish were just not biting. A day makes a big difference out there tho. Knew they had to get hungry again pretty soon.

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