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western lake erie report"

fished western basin fri., sat., sun. june 5th-7th. fri. was approx. 3 miles northwest of west sister in 28 fow. had my two sons on board ages 9 and 13. they rann all the gear big boards with three lines on each side. we started at 7:15 and were done with our 18 walleye by 11:00. fished jet forties at 65 back with mi. stinger hiway huckleberry taking most of the fish with a couple purple demons thrown in. Sat. fished with some older retirees. started out the same area and really couldn't get a whole lot going. moved over near sputnick(turn around bouy) and struggled some more and managed to put 11 in the box. all fish came on huckleberry. Sun. fished back at fri. spot with a 9 yr. old, a five yr. old and buddy and his wife that haven't trolled much. we boated our thirty with 5-7 throwbacks and lost four or five at the boat. pretty much same programm as fr. but we moved the forty jets back to 85 and the hot spoon was again huckleberry and puss-n-boots also took a bunch of fish. took us about 6 hours to get em'. awesome day of fishing. the quality of fish is awesome. we had five fish in the cooler that went over five pounds and at least 15 that were over 3.5. the rest were about 2 lbs. also caught one with a michigan jaw tag. and don't know who caught it we discovered it as we were cleaning the fish. moral of the story don't think the old guys can out fish the kids and newbies.

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Nice job Todd. Best wishes for the tournament. I picked up a 3.5 pounder down home here the other day. Then Frankie and spent a few hours loadin' the box with white bass. Looking forward to August. Howard and I made our first practice outing. The gear works great. I think we'll be ready for some kings.

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