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Got an invite from my regular fishin buddy to fish with him aboard his boat. We got a late start, started trolling at 7:30 am. Not much going on. No suspended fish on the screen, no bait marked.

In 180 fow my wire dipsey fires. A small chinook landed. Half an hour later my rigger fires, nice king landed- mid teens. 10 minutes later the rigger pops again, another small chinook. After that, things got real sloooooow.

My buddy Wilf wants to try for rainbows at his secret spot. So we pull the lines fire up the Etec and blast off to the other side of the bay. Set out the lines and with in 10 min hes got his bow.

Hot lures for us were Mag Mich Stingers in mongoose, glow puke and copper

Salmon were 55-65 feet down. The bow was caught with the copper stinger behind a #20 jet diver.



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You Betcha! Whenever I take my little boat its rockin and rollin! Have very few fish so far this year because its mostly too rough on the weekends,but today we had the big boat and its calm seas- go figure!:no::no::no:

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