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  1. That is the weekend of the Schu's Summer Challenge. You should stop by Pier 33 and check out the weigh in. Schu's is also a great place to eat. C&J Berts in Stevensville (close to St. Joe) is a great place for breakfast too.
  2. For those of you that have never fished this event you are missing out. One of the best on the tournament trail. Extremely well run by the SW Michigan Steelheaders.
  3. Try Originator Sportfishing Charters w/ Capt Jerry. 36' Tiara.
  4. Don't forget 'bout the Glow Fire Dog. Must have for the 300 copper.
  5. Depending on what Port you are looking for: St Joe - Originator Sportfishing Charters - Capt. Jerry Link. Fished with Capt Jerry several times over the last 2 years and had great times on every trip. I Believe he has the biggest Brown, steelhead, and king caught out of St Joe this year according to Tackle Haven. Grand Haven - Big Weenie - Have also fished with this crew a few times and always had success. Contact Big Weenie (Gary) on this sight.
  6. Looking at possibly buying one of these. Any thing I should be aware of? I will get survey done before purchase.
  7. Started in 80 ft of water, southwest troll, Just got all 9 rods set and the probe rigger fires with a coho taking a green paddle with a Goat Pecker big weenie fly doen 75. Got that rod set and the rigger down 65 goes off with a 13lb king taking a spin doctor with the cracked ice mirage BW fly. Trolled for about an hour with only one more miss until we took a 16.8lb king on the 300 copper with a silver Horde plug (forget the name) and as soon as that was reset the rigger down 65 fired again taking a 14lb king. Trolled around again for a while and finally took our last fish of the day on a Spinnie with a proctologist BW fly down 70 (coho). Pulled rods at 11 to beat the storm. Down temp would jump from 52 to 60 trolling straight south. Speed at the ball was 2.1-2.3 and surface was 2.9-3.2. Wicked current heading south. Best depth for us early was the 85-95. Nothing consistent enough after the morning bite to mention.
  8. Would love to fish it but we have the women's tournament for the steelheaders that day.
  9. I bought a pair of tekota 600's from Phil 2 or 3 years ago and the are still in great shape. if I needed the 700's I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Phil again.
  10. Started in 230fow trolled WNW and was 2 for 3 when we decided to run in to 185 fow in search of bigger fish. Didn't find any monsters but ended the trip 4 for 7 with 2 decent kings a dink and a barely legal laker. What worked: 13 color with a blue/green Gander Mountain spoon Wire Diver back 90 with a 8" pro troll and Big Weenie Proctologist fly (twice) 300 copper with a double pearl glow spinnie with a cry baby BW fly 225 fuzzy bear mod blue dolphin High diver back (braid) back 80 8" green fishcatcher and a green see-um BW fly Wire diver back 105 with a really goofy looking purple spoon that I don't know the name of but it caught a fish
  11. I have a 3 color, 5 color, 7 color and a 10 color all on seperate rods. You can segment it by putting x amount of core then splice in some mono to space it out however to save a set up. You never want to put your board on the core as it will fray over time and break. You also do not want to leave the core in the rod as the tip will rub the dacron sheath and cause a weak spot there as well.
  12. You are welcome on my boat anytime Jimmy...you may be done on the Jimbobber, but you have way to many friends with boats to be stuck on shore. Your season is definitely not done.
  13. Great Job. It's a long run but the fish are definitely there.
  14. The fishing was fantastic out there. No doubt I would have boxed out there too if I hadn't switched my program to get away from the coho. Good job on the limit Jimmy
  15. I also had a tough day in the tourney...we lost 8 fish....
  16. I have a Rod and reel that will hold any one of these lengths. Currently have a 300 copper 2 full cores a 3, 5, and a 7 color lead. What length do you think I should add? Also, should I turn one of the 10 colors into a 13? Thoughts? Look forward to reading your responses. Thanks Edit: forgot to add this is 45lb copper
  17. Finally got out in my own boat last night with my son, cousin, and good friend for a shake down trip. Started in 120 found nothing and headed in on a ENE troll towards 90 ft in search of a few lakers. Ended up finding 4 with a shaker king to make a total of 5 for 8. Not the best, but got the skunk out and the boat ran well.
  18. I see that you will be at the launch by 5 but how long will you wait to leave?
  19. Jimmy, Are you going to have any of the mini spoon that you have there?
  20. So I guess you found the desire
  21. We were 3 for 8....had nothing to do with sharp hooks as I use owners
  22. Manistee has the tournament trail tourney there this weekend. I'd fish Ludington.
  23. a prototype is a lure that he is testing out before he decides to mass produce it and sell it in the stores. Where did all the salmon go Jimmy? Ah well, Lakers need love too....kinda....
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