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  1. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/fishing-hunting-outdoors/topic/37086-133-panasonic-toughbook-chartplotter-gps/. I have been running this setup for over 6 yrs. I have put together and sold a few of them. Check out the link above. It works rather well and you have a big screen chartplotter for a fraction of what a Gaarmin, Bird, Lowrance or others would cost. There is a small USB GPS the size of a pocket watch, some software, DC charger, and AC charger. I have a few available. Of course the Toughbook can be used off the boat as well. It works well especially on larger boats. The USCG uses this set up on it's icebreakers. So the laptop becomes your GPS Chartplotter. The Toughbooks are as tough as their name implies. I clean them under running water. Don't try that with a regular laptop. Fishon Here is a screen shot of a log entry. Of course this pic is a lot smaller than the actual size that would be shown on a 13.3 inch screen.
  2. I use a Panasonic Toughbook Chartplotter with Seaclear and NOAA charts. This set up has a built in program complete with automatic coordinates, date, and time. No limits to what you can write. You can start the notes quickly on the pond and finish them after the trip and edit them when ever you see fit. For example you hit a double and you quickly enter a log book entry and name it. Done deal except to add all the details you want when the fishing is done. Fishon
  3. I'll send you a PM. Thanks for inquiring.
  4. I believe it is sold. I'll lock the thread.
  5. Sean, A warm to the GLF site. Just holler if we can help you in any way. I troll the Saginaw Bay mostly out of Au Gres. Frank
  6. Joe, I'll send you an email. Thanks for inquiring. Frank
  7. Kevin, Good job in rough conditions. On the site's new format: I access the site on a desktop running W10. Although things are slightly different It's easy for me to navigate and even this old dinosaur will get used to the changes. There always is some glitches when switching software so please be patient. If anyone is having problems please let Chad (BlueEye) know and give the specifics. I'm sure if Chad knows exactly what type of system you are using to access the site he can duplicate the problem and work on a solution. Be patient. Happy New Year everyone.
  8. The two reels are in like new condition.The rods show some wear. The reels are spooled with 65# Braid that should be good. There is some mono backer on these that should be checked. No disappointments on the reels. $60/ea or$110/for the pair. I will send pics if interested. I prefer an in person exchange. Thank You for viewing. I have some core set ups, 9' Dipsy set ups, and some rigger rods that I'll be listing soon. Early Birds Welcome.
  9. I have a few of these available in exceptional condition.
  10. Daiwa SG27LC Reels. These reels were used on the Saginaw Bay for walleye. $65/each. Daiwa SG27LC Reels. The drags are good and have been backed off.
  11. SOLD This rod is in VG lightly used condition. It would make a great board rod. It's a model GO 501, 10-25# line, 1/2-2oz lure weight. $20. I prefer an in person exchange.
  12. A warm to the site. Try Michigan Motorz. They have a website and are in Troy MI. They also sell on eBay.
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