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  1. PRIORITY1 It was on the boat when I bought her. It seemed to fit so I kept the name.
  2. TY all for a Very warm welcome. I have been wanting an Islander HT for awhile now. I bought this one this past Summer and have been making improvements on it. I couldn't afford a new one but what the heck. Starcraft doesn't even make the HT anymore. A 20 yo MI boat is like a 3 yr old FL one LOL. The 3L runs like a dream and sips gasoline. TY for posting the pics. I was just going to put up the perch ones but you covered my butt with a double layer. LOL:) I'll see if I can post that pic again just to see if I can.
  3. TY GLF, The Walleye and Perch fishing have been fantastic in the Augres area. Salmon as you well know has, a different story on the Sun Rise Side. One door closes and another opens. Come on Spring. Spring has to be right around the corner. I took a road trip yesterday and saw 3 dead skunks.
  4. Howdy Sportsmen, My name is Frank and my handle is Priority1. I fish the Augres, Tawas, Oscoda area, with a trip or two farther N. It's not against any of my rules to run to the West side of MI to fish Ludington or Manistee. C ya on the water. Salmon, Walleye and Perch.
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