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  1. Dipsey rods and reels
  2. Dipsey rods and reels
  3. Dipsey rods and reels
  4. Dipsey rods and reels
  5. Dipsey rods and reels
  6. Dipsey rods and reels
  7. Here's the long leader Dipsy rig I've been using with pretty good results the last 2 years. You can run as long a lead as you want. 100+ foot leader?-no problem! Basically you just tie a loop at the end of your braid main line (I use Power Pro Braid) using a simple overhand knot. Then you tie your mono or floro leader (as long as you want) to the end of the loop in your braid. Using a small S-Biner snap clip that you can find at any hardware store, you clip one end of the S-Biner to the loop in the braid and the other side of the clip to the trigger arm of your Dipsy. That's it. You do NOT tie anything to the swivel on the back side of the Dipsy -where you would normally tie your leader to. When a fish hits it will trigger the same way they do when you run a short lead. When you reel the fish in and get to the S-Biner holding the Dipsy on, your net man simply un-clips it from the loop. Then it's just you and the fish! You just reel the loop up along with your long leader until you get to the fish. This will track straight in the water the same as it does rigged conventionally. I like this way better than a Slide Diver because you remove it from your line and don't have to deal with divers bouncing around on rods when they aren't being used. Also no trying to hand line a fish in on long leads. Enjoy! -5I's This sure would beat handling a big king as long as it releases on the strike.
  8. Robert, Good idea. I must have overlooked your request. It's sticky now.
  9. I will be here with some gear. I'll probably have a few Toughbook Chartplotters, some jigs, 4 dipsy set ups, Jigs, and a delivery for Hockey.
  10. I have 3 that are $400 and one that is $450. They are all in vg condition and one is like brand new. I live between Au Gres and Tawas. I plan on being at the Holland Swap meet on March 5. I'll send you a PM with contact info.
  11. A dear friend, neighbor, and fishing partner, John Brandstatter has passed away after a long battle with Cancer. His boat handle is Brandy. John fished Lake MI usually in the Onekama area. He also fished Lakes Erie, Huron, and the Saginaw Bay. John was also involved with the PA Covered Bridge Chapter of the Roughed Grouse Society and guided hunts in PA. He will be missed by so many. Tight Lines and flushing birds forever. FISHON
  12. Email sent. Would it be possible to get a table close to a wall with electrical outlet? Close to the wall would be good to avoid a tripping hazard. Anyone want to bum a ride from the Sunrise Side.
  13. Now the ball is really rolling. Thanks Larry. I just spoke for a table if anyone want's to share it with me. let me know.
  14. I bought a new 08 Silverado basic work truck 2WD 4.3 with positraction and it pulls my 22 Islander just fine. I also have a 04 Buick Lesabre that has 200,000 mi + that I bought from a neighbor when it had 93,000mi. A used basic work truck will get your towing done.
  15. Robert, It would be nice to meet you also. If you want to share a table let me know. I already spoke for one.
  16. Rick, A warm to GLF. Love the pics. Keep those kids hooked on fishing.
  17. Condolences to his friends and family. Prayers being offered.
  18. It would be good to see you too Jon. The main reason I would drive over would be to see all the good folks from the udder side.
  19. I knew the $ were helping the youth group. Put me down for a table. The fee is certainly reasonable and going to a great cause. Anyone here from the E side want to hitch a ride over?
  20. Larry, It's a long haul for me but it's always good to see some friends from the West side of the state. I may be able to get someone to ride along. What is the the table cost? Maybe a couple of folks could split a table. Thanks
  21. TroutTracker, A warm to GLF. You'll fit right in. Give us a shout if you need anything. There are a lot of friendly folks here that are willing to share.
  22. Josh, Anything worth a Tinkers Darn requires some work. Ya can look back at your accomplishments and smile.
  23. Ditto on the older Sea Nymphs. I had a mid 80s 16.5' and it's still looking good and in the family. They are a little too heavy to drag across shore ice early and late but there are pros and cons to everything.
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