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    Love salmon fishing so much I bought a place in Ludington so i can do it all summer.
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    Fishing, Golf
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    Director Of Sales for a Hydraulics company

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  1. I was going to sudgest an octopus but I see that has been recommended already. I installed one and it was easy and works well.
  2. Thanks Long Lines Ill take a look. I did find some fishing apps out on the Apple store. Priority, how do you tie a GPS to the PC?
  3. Does anyone use an APP for logging fish and trips? If so what's the best one to use?
  4. I bought this out on ebay. It worked great for leadcore and copper
  5. Rascal, when you say offshore, what is considered offshore? 45's 50's? It seemd that this year everyone was running "offshore" to catch fish. I usually hang out on the bank or run south to the projects.
  6. Good Luck Todd. Ill be splashing mine in a few weeks in Ludington
  7. Marvin, how has the bird hunting been this winter?

    Brian Wheeless

  8. I ran them last year with twill tips for wire divers. They worked great
  9. Does anyone know of any good reading material on understanding the currents and temperature? Fishing is always different every day and wind, temp and currents all play a role in that. I picked up Keating on Kings and it was a real good read. Any other suggestions?
  10. Because I now have two of them. The new boat I bought had one on it
  11. I used this one season on my old boat. Includes the probe, display, power and antenna cords. You will need to get new coated downrigger cable. Paid $550 new, selling for $400.
  12. I use the fle flicker and it does work. I tie about a 25 foot flouracarbon leader.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback lats week. Hot sppons for me were happy meal and mongolian beef down 60 - 75 and meet rigs out 95-100 on wire divers. We landed 25 fish this week, but missed about the same amount
  14. Todd, thanks for the reports last week. Heading back Tuesday for the week
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