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  1. These Toughbooks also work well with Topo programs. It's what our military uses.
  2. Get a good set of bags. You will like them far better than the trolling plate. The bags let you maintain good boat control, stabilize the boat, and slow you down. Rig the bags so they run mid-ship and they will be out of the way. The trolling pates will definitely slow you down and they do so by directing the props thrust to the sides and not the back. Steering on an IO depends on prop thrust so steering and boat control suffer with plates. Been there.
  3. Nice rig. I have the 86 version of that boat.
  4. A warm to the site. Yes the Earie Dearies still work. I have used them on the Saginaw Bay. They can be trolled also but most cast with them using the countdown method, or drift with them.
  5. Keith, Thanks again for the purchase and your endorsement.
  6. Chad, TY for the Easter wishes. I hope you and your three ladies had a nice one.
  7. Personally I think it's just a bit early to consider slipping a boat in MI. I'd wait at least a week or two and even then some of the precautionary measures mentioned above may have to be done. Owning a boat is expensive enough without risking damage due to freezing.
  8. I did sell on of these at the swap meet in Holland. A charter captain is also interested in one. I have a couple more of these left. If you are interested now's the time to act. I'm starting to get my fishing gear in order. My focus will switch to fishing REEL soon.
  9. Larry, Thanks to you and your capable crew for putting this event on. Things were well organized as I knew they would be. Meeting up with old friends and making some new ones is the best reason to attend. The weather slowed us down on the trip over but it was well worth the effort. We had smooth sailing going home. Frank
  10. Pics are what keeps us going until launch day. Fishon
  11. Jerry, Good guys most always pass the rod. It was more than likely your expertise that made this happen. You were probably on the net and who knows what would have happened if the roles were reversed. In the end the net man seals the deal. No doubt about that.
  12. Jerry, A warm to GLF. Congrats on the State record. What kind of fish was it?
  13. Chad is on the case. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  14. Francis, I see this is your first post so a warm to you. It sounds like you are looking for a quality F/G boat that can take the pounding that our Great Lakes can dish out. I haven't looked at new boats in awhile but I'm sure you will get some input from the good folks here. Let us know if there are other things we can help your with.
  15. Dipsey rods and reels
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