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  1. Hey all, Here's a video of some salmon my son and I were lucky enough to catch including his personal best at the end. Hope everyone is safe and looking forward to another summer of Kings. cheers, Francis
  2. Hey all, Bringing in some warmth with a day of fishing in the Riviera...awesome day.
  3. End of day and my bud gets his biggest fish ever...great outing. https://youtu.be/LZGL4bUghY8
  4. Short video of our day...had a great time as always, so much fun. We had three good fish early in the day so had a postive feeling while being out there....finished in 4th.
  5. Hey Guys, Here's some video from last years fish...sadly lost most of my footage to a corrupted SD card...anyways enjoy. https://youtu.be/GYPStn3aQv4 KEEPINGITREEL FISHING,
  6. wow...those are some nice rigs! The Pursuits, Aquasports, and Grady White's all have a great reputation for being great quality performance fishing boats....I'm looking for something like the Sea Ray seen above ... I thought Doral once made a nice 21' kinda fishing boat? So instead of a fishing boat doing double duty as a cruiser I guess I'm looking for a cruiser that can double duty as a solid fishing boat.....love the all the pic's keep them coming.
  7. Hey guys here's a chance to show off your rigs....I would love to see pictures of these 21 footers rigged up!!
  8. so I guess you have three batteries on board? thanks for the info...
  9. I probably should have started a new thread for this one... 0.5 -10.0mph is a amazing range of speeds. How many batteries does it require and what model do you have? I've seen a single and a twin. I was really considering getting one of these last year but was afraid it wouldn't push the boat...does it work well in the chop and wind? the lack of engine noise must also be a big plus
  10. Thanks guys...Wellcraft, Aquasport, and Proline are boats I have definitely considered.... really like this Sea Ray Express Divemaster mentioned. I like the double duty it would be able to do, lots of comfort and style for when I'm not fishing. Divemaster how is that Minkota working for you? how long have you had it? How much time out of the batteries? What speed range due get?
  11. Thanks for the welcome...looking forward to participating on this forum.
  12. Hey Guys, Looking for some feed back ....I want to get the most stable 21' cuddy around. Here's why 21' ...easy for towing, fish solo quite a bit, quick enough for tubing/sking with the kids, and easy launch/retrieval. I don't mind older boats if there is a year/make that stands out and will consider any new boat. Fish mostly Lake Ontario so needs to be handle the waves as best as possible for a 21'. Prefer cuddly style as I really like the protection from wind and kids nap there on slow days. Thanks...
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