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  1. 6 available $95.00 ea delivered all new
  2. george.686

    for sale New Line Counter Reels

    No problem 17 pound. 760 yards 20 pound. 450 yards 25 pound. 370 yards 30 pounds. 305 yards
  3. Brand new...6 available....all the specs are shown on the box $75.00 shipped add $2.00 if using paypal..if check will ship once it clears
  4. george.686

    "Knot Reel" has arrived

    Muskegon mi
  5. george.686

    "Knot Reel" has arrived

    About 30 knots. Originally it had a 150 and was underpowered
  6. george.686

    "Knot Reel" has arrived

    Been working on buying this boat for 4 years from my brother in law who had it custom built only 230 hours on it 21' Silver streak fully loaded...had it towed from Seattle to Michigan
  7. george.686

    Time for a bigger boat?

    Timeout....if you getready to sell that Proline let me know...I am interested....In Muskegon...real close to you