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  1. Oops! Time for new glasses. I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hello All, I wanted to make a video to describe a New York home-grown method of trolling deep water.
  3. Hello All, Filming yourself fishing isn't easy, but I managed to get movies of myself getting a nice one!
  4. Hello All, I was kept housebound last week from a day when it blew 70mph. So I made this video.
  5. Gordy, I read your message right after wistfully walking through cabelas, already yearning for fishing season. I will have to look up those jigging spoons. I'm always looking for that lure with the perfect amount of weight to get down quickly. Do you fish east or west end? Pete
  6. With the sonar. Around July the thermocline is set up and they settle into the areas where they will hang most of the time. Finding them can be the hardest part, but if the weather is stable they will sit tight. I like going 2 consecutive days, because the fist morning is spent looking and the second day you can go back and whale on them! Nice thing is, trollers don't like them, and are pretty free and easy with telling you whee they are.
  7. Hello All, I took on a big project this year that made me pretty much sacrifice an entire fishing season. Still, I had to make one venture out because the weather conditions were perfect for my little boat. First hookup of the day was amazing. Right when he bit I swore he had a baleen grin. A couple of years ago I wrote a report here where I described a battle with a 40 inch laker. This one put that fight to shame. I must have had him on for about 15 minutes. When he came up, it wasn't straight up, but swinging way behind the boat. Right when the dorsal fin broke the surface, the hook popped loose. I never saw him but for the tail flip when he went back down. My knees felt rubbery right then. On the plus side, I always wanted to film myself jigging up a laker. Tough with my cheap little camera with very limited battery and memory card capacity. I experienced a little flurry of action, so I put it on a tripod and turned it on. Recorded a few missed strikes and finally a fish! i have gotten questions from some of you about jigging over the years. In the video I talk about how to do it and you can watch what I'm doing, see the tackle I use. So maybe this will help some of you what always wanted to give it a try!
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