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  1. Youp, interesting comment on home made rod socks. My wife makes mine also, we use black landscape cloth, works fantastic, and custom made to size. Tried two of the ones everyone buys, the expandable netting style, and they were useless as the guides were always popping through. My wife's home made ones are perfect. On slide divers, while I haven't used them, I do run my dipsy, power pro setups, with a loop at the end of the powerpro, and clip my dipsy's on to that loop with a little s-biner, then run a 30-50' leader. Really works fantastic and is simple, just unclip when at the boat, similar to a planer board. May try one of my wire setups that way, but not sure yet on that. Rigged one wire setup and tried it out the other day. It caught fish, but will not fit in my rod box. Storage turned out to not be much of an issue as my boat has two ports under the dash down by the floor for rod handles, and rod tips lay on the rear deck, secure and out of the way.
  2. I had herd of other people using a bead, and assumed it was to keep from jamming it up. Going by my boat tomorrow for a few days of fishing, and will bring one of the rods along to see if it fits in the box. I doubt it will. They still haven't shipped my wire yet, created a label 4 days ago, but still hasn't shipped. Seems to be the way these suppliers are going lately, create a label so they can bill your credit card, but then don't ship till who knows when. I just would like to have these wire setups ready for Salmon a Rama, in a few weeks, but not sure now, as everyone is out of stock on this wire. Hopefully it shows up. It's so frustrating dealing with Canada. Only have my self to blame I guess, as I could have worked on this a little sooner.
  3. I have one with a roller, and one with a twili. Went that way as I wasn't sure what way I would really like. Hadn't thought about attaching a short piece of line, not sure if a snap will go through a twili, will take a look at that, thanks.
  4. Never used wire divers before, but am setting up two rods to try. The rods are 10', and when using powerpro before this, I could just break the rods down when done fishing, and put in the rod box. I know 9' will easily fit in my rod box with out taking apart, but not sure a 10' will. I am concerned as they say wire will kink easily. I will be using 19 strand wire, but haven't seen it yet, as it is in the mail. Just wondering if I will be able to break these rods down for storage somehow, or will I have to keep them together at their 10'length. Guess this is something I never thought of when I ordered the stuff to try this.
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