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  1. If the water is warm and I'm on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan and I want the water to cool down, what direction would I want the wind to blow out of? I was told the West as this will push the warm water out and bring the cold water in essentially "turning the lake over." Is that correct? From what I'm seeing the current water temps are 72 degrees from Wisconsin to Michigan. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N910R4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. So I purchased a new motor (same motor as the riggers I believe?) for my Big Jon dual planer board mast a few years back in the tune of $125. Since then, for some reason the motor stopped working and I wanted to know why. So in my off fishing time I dis-mounted my planer board mast and brought it home to investigate. I began with the disassembly of the motors. On one motor which is at least five years old there were some signs of rust internally and on a motor that I bought a few years back it was a complete rust bucket and destroyed (see pictures attached), off the junk with that $125. So here's what I don't understand, why is it that Big Jon doesn't go to greater lengths to seal their motors? I run Scotty riggers, have had them for over 8 years and no issues what so ever. I'm not promoting any products, but hoping to make people aware before investing. Is there a reason Big Jon tells you to dispose of the motor and buy new in the event there is a failure? Are they hoping no one will dig into their product to find that there is an issue with the sealing? I'm not the only that has run into this issue as a simple online search will expose. I've heard they'll offer replacements, but for how long? And I really don't want to go through efforts of disassembly of the mast every time the motor goes bad. If you're lucky enough upon opening a Big Jon motor and not having too much rust, you can buy replacement brushes at your local hardware store for around $9. Upon re-assembly I'd suggest an exterior silicone (rtv), or maybe Permatex around all joints. Additionally I will be coating my motors with Plastic Dip spray. Again, I'm not trying to bash a company (please look at it as constructive criticism), but rather make others aware of potential issues so they can make an educated purchase. This stuff isn't cheap so I expect decent quality from any company. On a positive note, when the motors are working, I really like the dual planer board mast.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in one of these systems if available. My email is xxyellowbird (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks, Jake
  4. For your cannon speed n temp do you use coated cable? I tried stainless braid with a copper core but not much luck. the coated cable just doesn't last very long (half of a season).


  5. How much more blowback is caused from using a stacker release vs attaching a release directly to the rigger ball? I am thinking it may be beneficial when using downriggers to stop the downrigger ball from coming up out of the water to reduce the tension/stress on the cable especially in wavy conditions. But if doing so it would require use of a stacker release higher up on the rigger cable. It seems to me that this may result in more blowback.
  6. One thing I did change from the picture above is using a quick disconnect crimp connector so I can remove the probe and weight when not in use. Also rounded the edges of the "T" to avoid any possibility of cutting a line on it.
  7. Here is what I've done. This is not my idea, just something that was shared with me, so I thought maybe someone else may want to try it as well. Working great for three + years now. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/8/1/2/100_5093_resize.jpg' alt='100_5093_resize.jpg'>
  8. Medic, After looking into delrin (probably around $80-$100to for a 4" piece) and trying to figure out how to machine it with a lathe I don't have I've decided to try to make something similar in shape using various pieces of pvc tubing. Just an idea to ponder.
  9. Seen it on a few other forums. Any possibility of doing it for this forum?
  10. Do the new products typically get released more so in the Spring? If so, I'd wait, maybe you can get better deals as they're trying to push old product and get more shelf space for the new. The only downside is that it puts more pressure on trying to get the winter projects done in the Spring months before fishing begins again. That seems to be a yearly occurence for me...
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