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  1. What are your rates if we have a party of 6? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Price is $13,000 or best offer. As stated I have a lot of very nice equipment rigged to the boat in the past two years which can be negotiated.
  3. I have a 19 foot Bayliner Trophy with a cuddy for sale. 120 Mercury Force main motor. This motor runs very well. I've maintained it well routinely changing spark plugs doing all maintenance and taking care of it well. 9.9 Mercury kicker motor. Right now it has a manual assist to lower and raise yet I've purchased a hydraulic assist I just haven't installed yet. I will include that in the price. I had made two years ago a custom cabin enclosure for her. All snaps are in perfect shape and it is super easy to put up and take down. The price of that was $2,500 alone. I also purchased a travel cover for it $500.00 new. The travel cover has one hole in it from a rod holder yet is in perfect condition otherwise. The cabin sleeps two and plenty of storage for all your gear. I also have a travel trailer and have purchased two brand new tires for it and have a full sized spare as well. The boat has a 50 gallon tank and I have a three gallon tank for the kicker. Two brand new batteries were installed last year as well. Top speed is 34 mph. I have a Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 which can be negotiated. I will throw in 2 Lowrance Elite 4 units in the price. I have used the boat mainly on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and Lake of The Woods and Red Lake. This is a perfect trolling boat and pleasure cruiser. I have two Cannon Mag 10 STX electric down riggers which also can be negotiated. I also have over 20 Okuma and Magda line counter rods and reels and a lot of flasher and fly combos we could negotiate too. It's high quality gear. I'm selling the boat because I have a young family and don't get out much. The boat is slipped on Lake Superior at Connors Cove and you could have the slip for the remainder of the season for free. Call or text. I have plenty of pictures. 617-785-6431 or [email protected] Trolling salmon trout walleye fishing cabin
  4. Okay so it was a great family fun filled weekend in Door County. I did end up pulling my boat out and ended up only getting a few hours of fishing. I stayed away from the 500 boats on The Bank and ended up 9/11 in 8 hours of fishing. All came on board lines with colors ranging from 4-10 colors of lead. Only got one on a rigger. Hot spoon was Watermelon and Blueberry Muffin. Nothing on FF or Dipsey's. 65-80 feet down. I was very happy to get my wife a nice king. She puts up with a lot of stuff when it comes to me and my fishing so I was happy to get her on one. Here are a couple of pics. I am trying to upload more but these were the biggest 3. We also got one nice Laker.
  5. I should clarify that I run a 1802 Bayliner Trophy (120 main 10 kicker) with Lowrance HDS 8 as well electric riggers and have room for three fisherman/women as well as I have all of the rods, dipseys, FF, etc. If someone wishes they would be more than welcome bringing their favorite gear if wanted.
  6. Fishing Report Below................. All, I am REALLY debating whether or not to pull my boat over from Duluth, MN to Sturgeon Bay for the weekend of the 4th. I will be arriving on the 2nd and leaving on the 6th. I would be willing to open my boat up to other anglers that want to go fishing OR if anyone can committ to an open seat for any of the days between 2nd-6th I would certainly be willing to help with gas,etc. I am a pretty energetic and positive guy with experience and could bring any gear needed/wanted. So I guess I am talking out of both sides of my mouth for asking for open seats and offering open seats. It just depends on the response. Simon
  7. Thanks for the response. I have heard the same and most likely July 4th will be no exception this year with boat traffice. I hope i don't get tangled up with too many boats. I fish Lake Superior a lot being from this area but really don't know Lake Michagan ettiquette or if there is a difference. Any helpful tips on how to "behave" on Lake Michigan would be great.

  8. Thanks guys. I will try a few of your suggestions this weekend and let you know what I find out.
  9. hey got ur message while back sorry for delayed response. i fish out of kewaunee n have fished algoma quite a bit but never sturgeon bay. from what ive heard theres a ledge out there that holds good numbers of fish but gets jam packed with boats.

  10. We use frozen or preserved shiners on Superior for lakers all the time. Actually i use them on my flasher fly combos and troll slow with them. I wonder if that would work on Lake Michigan...........
  11. Hello, I am new-ish and wondering if there are any Wisconsin waters fishing leagues? I am aware of the tournaments but haven't heard much of leagues other than the Michigan side.
  12. Hey guys I am hoping to get some thoughts from "the collective" out there. I have a 1997 Bayliner Trophy 1802 WA Cuddy. I also have an electric winch that I run off a battery mounted on my trailer. I run a cable not a strap in my winch. I actually have been out twice already this year and both times the cable does it's job on the way up/on the trailer very nicely with no problems but my issue is when I am loading up on the bunk trailer the winch just doesn't want to give me any cable to extend to the bow to hook up. I fish the North Shore of Lake Superior and assume much like your ports that power loading is a no-no. I have a cable with a remote that attaches into the winch with the switch and the winch in enclosed in a housing so there really is no easy way for a manual override to release or free spool. Any thoughts?
  13. Spare Plug Extra DR replacement parts Batteries Charged Keys for the boat (almost forgot that) Updated Registration and License Sunglasses Spare leader material Net Bilge/Livewell Pump check Lights - trailer and nav Trailer winch check Radio Check I am so excited
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