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  1. My brother and I took up Turkey hunting 3 years ago and he had not scored a bird so I told him I would call for him this year and try and get a bird in front of him. Well we met up at 5 am and headed to the woods. I knew about where they should be roosted so I put up the pop up blind and decoys about 75 yards away hoping to coax a tom to come our way. Just as it is getting light we have a hen purring fron the roost. I answered her a couple times with the box and once with the slate thinking she may fly down and hang around. Wrong answer, she went silent and we don't know where she went. About 6:15 I hit the box call and had a tom answer right back. He was behind us so I lifted the blind and spun it so we had an open window facing that way. The tom and I talked back and forth for a couple minutes before he and a jake cam into view about 50 yards away and wouldn't come any closer. I finally got on the box call hard to see what he would do and another mature tom with a paint brush for a beard appeard out my window about 35 yards away. Told my brother to take him, he MISSED. He had a bad case of turkey fever LOL. We moved after that but nobody wanted to play. We packed up and moved a couple miles down the road to a spot where they have a couple dusting bowls. Told him I would just hit the call and if nothing answered we would just set a while and see what happens. I hit the call and nothing responded so I got really loud with it to let the birds know we were there. I had 2 hens and a jake breeding a hen set up in front of us. I figured I would take a cat nap and told my brother to keep an eye on things. My eyes no sooner got closed and he elbows me in the side and says there is a turkey out my window but he isn't sure if it's a jake or a hen. I look out the window and here is this jakle all pissed off about something, his head is beat red and he is clucking like mad. I inform him that yes it is a jake anf if he wants to he can shoot it. Up comes his gun and after what seemed like forever he finally pulls the trigger and the jake pills up. The bird was only 25 ft out side the window, he couldn't miss. All in all a great morning, now it's time to get mine. Hay Caz there were plenty of toms out there, at one point I had 3 birds talking a once. They are all still there at this point, that's where he missed the big one at.
  2. silver one Sounds like a carb rebuild is in order. Either the needle is stuck and not shutting the fuel off or if it has a float, the float is sticking. Either way getting it fixed is a lot better than taking a chance of a fire and blowing the starter or motor.
  3. Good job Rich. Nice looking tom. I can't wait untill May 7th to get a crack at one.
  4. Congrates to your dad Rich. Glad you finally found him. I still can't beleive that bird went through that much water. He must be half duck or something.
  5. Ok Rich, what's the story? Do I need to tell my uncle to keep his cats locked up.
  6. Now come on Rich thats suppose to be buck fever, not turkey fever. Were you hunting on your lease next to us? Leave a couple birds for my brother and I, we both have the second season. Let me know if you are seeing many on our side of the fence and maybe I can meet you out there and let you take a poke at them. What time are you normally out and about, I think I am headed that way tomorrow and I will drop that bow off to you.
  7. Nice going Sea-Mac. Thats what it's all about, getting the kids into fishing and seeing a smile on their face when they catch one.
  8. Nice going Rich and crew. Rich it isn't that the CO didn't want his picture taken, he probaly figured with that motley crew it would turn into an America's Most Wanted Poster. :lol:
  9. Baydawg i would go to Frankfort. Plenty of deep water not far from shore and the fishing is great. The Harrring Hole is about 3 miles south of the peirs and the water drops off fast 100+ foot water comes close to shore and not a long run back if the lake gets ugly. Good luck.
  10. IMO one of the major issues with the increase is that it is a bandaid. Give the icrease now and it will fix the current problem, but what happens next? If they would get off their asses and work on a plan to fund the DNR from here on out I don't think people would be so negative. This short fall didn't happen over night, they should have been working on this years ago. With the licence sales dropping every year, to think they can raise fees to keep up is just plain out of the question. Why isn't there something like a 1/2 or 1 percent sales tax put on that would go straight to the DNR budget? There has to be a better way to fix the problem, if they expect the sportsman to foot the whole bill we will end up like France and a few other where only the rich can enjoy the sport. Once they come up with a better solution then increase fees and do things like habitat improvements on state land etc..
  11. Sorry to hear that Rich. Look at it this way, she won't be suffering any more. Been there and done that myself a few years back and I know it's not easy. Good Luck and keep your chin up.
  12. Nice going Rich snd Rich. But come on Rich, where is your hat. It's to friggin cold out there to not where a hat.
  13. Well Rich When I read that this morning I was going to call foul cuz I knew where you were yesterday afternoon, Figured I would wait and see if anyone fell for it.
  14. Rich If you don't get your trade, I will buy them outright.
  15. I am with Priority1 on getting there as quick as you can to get the rod out of the holder and get to cranking and get the slack line taken up and put some pressure on the fish to keep him stuck. It don't take much slack for a fish to sit the hook so the sooner the better.
  16. Well Friday Caz gave me a call about coming over to learn how to tie trolling flies so this afternoon I ran over to see how it was done. Rich did a great job showing and explaining how it is done and I tied 5 for my self and a 6th one that I screwed up and cut the thread on. Had a good time Rich, thanks for having me over.
  17. Rich Where do you get the tinsel for your flies? Dose Bob's handle it? I might have to run over and have you give me a lesson.
  18. What are spinnies? Rich I think they are refering to spin doctors or fish catchers.
  19. Sea-Mac I hope it helps ya. There is no way you can get all the slack out of your line no matter how much you crank it down and with the rod in more of an upright postion it can help to get rid of some of the slack when a fish hits.
  20. Sea-Mac I have fished on a couple boats with the Cannon Speed and Temp and they are nice. It seemed to me they worked better than the Fish Hawk, less trouble comminicating between the probe and screen than the fish hawks I have seen operating. Only down fall I can see is the Cannon has to be put on the same rigger all the time where as the Fish Hawk can be moved to what ever rigger you want it on. If you have any questions on the Fish Hawk shoot Matt(bluedevil) pm, he has one on his boat.
  21. Sea-Mac What angle are your rods to the water when they are in the holders? IMO if they are to flat(level with the water) when the fish hit there is no tension on the line because the pole is not being bent enough. Any slack in the line and the fish will be gone. I prefer the rods be standing almost straight up down to a 45 degree angle so when it releases the rod takes up the slack and keeps pressure on the fish. Good Luck.
  22. Whats unconstitutional are those ocean going ships bringing in all the invasive spices to our fresh water. They should be sued and made to pay to clean up the mess they have caused.
  23. Thanks for the links Rich. Hay I heard you were looking to buy some pink spoons to decorate your boat, any truth to that?
  24. Rich Are you going to tie up that 12 point for me?Gee thanks.
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