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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Rich and every one else on the site as well.
  2. Rich Sign me up, I should be able to make it. Thanks Steve, If you like to bring a friend let me know and I will sign them up to. Rich
  3. Every time I click on the link it takes me to edit my profile? Where is the weather site?
  4. Why don't the damn indians go back to their birch bark canoes and spears instead of using the white man's inventions. I am fed up with the "It's our Hearitage", didn't know they had gas powered boats, compound bows, rifles etc. The Indians are as bad as some other groups that cry all the time about discrimination etc. Why should we have to pay for what happened back in the 1800"s, don't think any of us were the cause of what happened so it's time we stop paying for it.
  5. The ex just called me from the hospital, Emylee is out of the ICU. No more incubator etc. Now all she has to do is learn to suck on a nipple to eat and she can come home.
  6. The wife and I went back over to the hospital yesterday afternoon so we could see her some more. She is small but doing great. She has to stay in the Neo Natal ICU for about a week because she is not big enough to suck on a bottle yet. The have a tiny feeding tube running down her throat and feed her with a syringe. Other than that she is as healthy as any normal baby and her lungs work just fine, she made sure we got to hear them when her diaper was changed. On a side note, my wife is 7 months pregnent and do Dec. 25th. When we were leaving the girl at the desk tried to stop us because they didn't think Char was suppose to be going outside. LOL We had to explain she was not the patent and we were leaving. Just so ya all know the wife is 17 years younger than me. She has wanted a baby since we got married 8 years ago and I kept telling her no, with the medical problems I have we couldn't afford it. Well she put her self through nursing school and graduated last spring 1rst or 2nd in her class and is now an RN. Kinda figured she earned it.
  7. Well a little earlyer than planed but Emylee Jade made here apperance Sunday Oct. 14 at 4:08pm weighing 5lb10oz and 18.5 inches long. My daughter's due date was suppose to be 11/26.07 but do to unforseen problems she went into labor early. After spending 3 hours at Bronson Hospital Saturday afternoon the doctor informed us that the baby had a 99.9% chance of being fine if they could not stop the labor, she was more like 35 weeks along instead of the 33 and a half that they first figured. He came back into the room and informed us he was going to break her water and let her go ahead and deliver but first he wanted to check to see if Amber had dialated any more since the ambulance ride from Marshall. Finding nothing had changed he decided to let things go and hope she would wait 36 hours. In that period they would give her 2 steroid shots to help the babys lungs just to make sure. Well about 6:00 am Sunday morning they checked and she had dialated to 6 so they turned off the meds that were suppose to stop the labor and let her have her. Amber was getting pretty wore out by the time it finally happened but mother and child are doing fine.
  8. Nick Nick Nick Take it from some of the ones that have been there, go fishin that weekend, It would be cheaper in the log run. Ah heck Congrates on the engagement.
  9. Good Job Roger. Gotta love fresh back straps.
  10. Nice going Nick and Mike. You can't beat this weather, might as well go fishin cuz it's to hot to bow hunt.
  11. I use 3 or 4 foil packets filled with a mix of hickory and apple chips. I also put apple juice in the drip pan before putting the turkey on and make sure it don't go dry before you are done.
  12. special x I have smoked a few, never used a brine on any of them. As long as the skin is still on it you should be good to go. Keep the temp at 180-200 for 8 hours or check the temp with a thermometer and when it hits 185 he will be done.
  13. Congates to your son nailer.
  14. Rich It's been about a month since I have been over there. We saw lots of sign but no deer, being the middle of the day it didn't suprize me. Going over next week and put up a couple latter stands and have another look around.
  15. Well at keast you got a couple to eat Rich. Do you ever hunt them on your lease next to us? I see a bunch of them every year during bow and gun season.
  16. AWEEEE Rich You should have just reached down and petted it. Scrached it behind the ear and you guys would have been buddies. Just hope you don't walk up on him in the dark coming in or headed for the stand in the morning.
  17. Good job Frank. Nice meeting you and chating with ya in the parking lot. We fished south, down into the 11's and 12's Saturday morning for the tourney and kind of bounced in between 2 of the nets. By about 9:30 or so we were out in 300' of water and no nets to worry about. We went 12 for a lot, not sure how many but ended up 3rd place with a 5 fish weight of 64.8 lbs.
  18. For pints: Cut skined salmon into small chunks(1inch sq.) Fill pint jar up and leave about 1 inch of space. Add 1 tbl spoon of canning salt 1 tbl spoon vinager 1 tbl spoon catsup(optional) for color Put on lid and ring making sure seal and lid are clean Tighten ring hand tight Cook at 10 lbs for 1 hour. After pressure has leaked off remove jars from canner and place on towel, cover with extra towel and let set untill cool. Check to make sure jars are sealed and store with the rest of your canned goods. For quarts follow above directions but cook for 1 1/2 hours at 10 lbs.
  19. There should be 2 solinoids, 1 for forward and 1 for reverse located somewhere at the back of the motor, either mounted to the motor, or tramsome and yes you should hear them click when you push the button for either forward or reverse. Not sure what spring you are refering to but if it's in the lower unit then expect it to be expensive.
  20. Mike Can you hear the solinoids click when you shift it from nuteral to forward or reverse? If there is juice getting there my bet would be the shift slinoids. Here is a link to buy a manual http://www.marineengine.com/manuals/omc_sterndrive/order_pre-1980.html E-Bay has a lot of parts for the older out drives. I found all the parts I needed for my 1979 Stinger on there and at a good price.
  21. Congatulations to Cassie & Ben. Now it's time for you to relax Rich and do some fishing and get ready for the upcoming hunting season.
  22. Thanks for taking me along Mike. It was a great morning on the water with no waves, no flies and we were done before it got to hot out. Thanks again Mike, the smoker will be getting some use this weekend.
  23. Good Job Mike. See ya in about five hours and hopefully we can do that well.
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