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  1. they are more about luck than skill. my 2 cents
  2. give me a call on 68 and I will let you know what I know. baydawg on 68
  3. fished the weekend and it was awesome. Limits everyday....get out and getcha some of this fishing. all fish came on spoons with jets/dipsys. the time to fill the freezer with white meat is now.
  4. she is growing on me. she handles the slop real well and get superior fuel mileage. I had her out in some pretty big erie chop yesterday afternoon and she was actually comfortable. thanks for asking!!
  5. We have been laying the smack down on the walleyes the last two days. spoons and jets 20+ fow. Time to fill the freezer.
  6. Git my butt kicked at sanilac today. From the sounds of it..I was not the only one. Got over there early and started shallow without a bump. my pattern that had been paying off left me cold today. We slid out into some deeper water and tried every depth top to bottom with every spoon and body bait I own..nothing. I finaly got a rip on a standard streak in electric rain 33 down over 45 fow, but no one was home. while resetting the rigger my braid dipsy went with a mag blue dolphin back 75 on a 3...5-6 pound laker. end result 1 for 2 in 6 hours of trolling. I am sure those bluewater classic biys will find them this weekend.
  7. rode over to grand haven with the wife and mom. My mom likes to people watch at Grand Haven. We got a little late start with lines in at 8:00 am. Trolled all day from 100 fow to 212 fow with 2 rips to show for it. We caught a pretty steelie on a 2 color with a a "Wheat-Lee" streak. The other rip was on a 7 color with a spin doctor and fly. That one did not stay pinned. I am ready for a box of Kings! I have caught more kings out of Huron than Michigan this spring. Nice day on the water though.
  8. Wife and I started a little late (8:00 am) yesterday but still managed a nice box of fish. Fish 1: 12 pound laker hit a mag stinger NBK 10 down 45 back rigger over 17 FOW. Fish 2: 14 Pound laker hit a long lined bomber long A 175 back fish 3: 7 pound king hit a three color core with a standard ?? (purple green dolphin) We had one other knock down on the rigger but no one was home. I heard various other reports of some kings and bgrowns being caught. Not setting the world on fire, but fun none the less.
  9. The wife and I are coming over for a few days starting tomorrow. I really appreciate the report. Are you still running up high in the column?
  10. Steelhead are Steelhead no matter where they swim. I used to only fish spoons, and when they are hot, nothing else is neccesary. But, early in the the year, we run a typical Lake Michigan spread for 'em.
  11. The wife and I hit Sanilac today for a change. Started out with a tremendous rip on a reefrunner ripshad on two colors...but it came unbuttoned. The next rip came on a flatlined clow deep husky jerk...9 pound King. We had a few rips on a thinfin...but could not keep them buttoned. Next came a Big laker on a rigger 10' down 40 back with a mag silver streak (no name). We then hit a king on the port rigger 7 down 45 back on a regular streak (no name). Last fish was a laker on a flatlined bomber. All in all we were 4 for 12 with the majority being silver. We did have one nice steelie hooked that jumped free at boatside. All fish were taken shallow (<20 fow) except one king in 42 fow.
  12. I run flashers and flies for steelies in June and July
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