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  1. The good news, if there is any, is that it was a cousin to the bigheaded carp a grass carp. It is not as big a problem as the bighead will be when it shows up in the Great Lakes.
  2. OUCH! At least you did boat some fish and made the best of it. Trips like that could make a guy take up a new hobby. If you are lucky, you got all the bad stuff out of the way and can enjoy the rest of the summer with no more trouble like that.
  3. 4 Big Jon downriggers. Asking $150.00 each or offer. All 4 are long arm, 2 have newer motors. Selling these for a freind, at this point I do not have any pics. According to him they are older riggers but work great. He has not used them in a couple years because he is to busy. He dosn't think there are any rod holders or swivle bases but you can ask him yourself. If you are interested shot me a pm and I will give you his phone number. They are located about 5 mile NW of Springport.
  4. wolfe99 A 10lb ball should work fine. Check the probe and make sure not moisture is getting into it when it's down. Another thing with the fish hawk is they seem to like to eat the batteries, you might want to try a new one and see if that helps.
  5. That's great Nick. Good to hear your niece is doing good and hopefully she won't have any more trouble with it. I know a kid that went through the same thing at 2 years old and is still clean today and it's been 23 years.
  6. Hay I debated it, but I was in the middle of putting up a new privacy fence(88 feet long) and June is normally a slow month as far as fishing goes I figured I better get it done. Mike if you need a crew for the next fun touney on the Saturday before the next one let me know, if Catfishoge isn't fishing it I will crew for you.
  7. Jim Good luck. I hope everything goes well for Bev and the baby.
  8. Hay Rich There is a guy here in town that makes all kinds of vinyl (sp) signs and stuff. When I see him again I will ask him about making one for you, how much are you looking to spend and what do you want on the sign?
  9. Nick You are right, they will give you the boot if they catch you sleeping. It don't matter if you are in the car,truck or boat. And they do patrol it, a couple years ago several of us got kicked out. The odd thing is you can stand around in the parking lot and shot the chit all night and they don't care, just don't try and catch a few winks or you are in trouble.
  10. Nice looking rig MB. I have a 1979 22ft Islander that I need to get back in the water, broke the outdrive. Love the room and it is easy on gas.
  11. I know we tried to run a Bottom Line on the back of the boat and a Hummingbird at the driver's seat and were picking up false info on both units. This was several years ago so maybe the problem has been fixed.I don't remember what the out put was on the units but there was a problem with interference between the two.
  12. Congratulations Rich and to your daughter. Now with the kids gone you will have lots of time to fish and hunt.
  13. Headed down to Sterling State Park in the morning. Going to fish tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morn for some walleyes.
  14. Mike As has been said, you really don't want to go longer than the rod for landing reasons. Get some rubber bands and fix your slider where you wqnt them so you won't have to worry about them hitting the cannon ball and tangling your other line. There is a company that makes a spring loaded clip to go on your line to fix the slider in one spot also but not sure who make's it.
  15. Plan on being down there this Firday and Saturday. I hope the bite is still on.
  16. Good job Matt. Great to hear you got into some fish. Did you see any nets while you were out there?
  17. I don't know about a bat bird, but he sure was a sneaky sucker. Never knew he was there or how long he was with in range because I was concentrated on the other tom that kept gobbiling at me. I am sure if I had not had the blind he would have busted me long before I saw him. A pop up blind is the only way to go.
  18. Well after getting my brother his bird opening day I figured putting my tag on one should be pretty easy, Wrong. I could not find a bird that wanted to play untill this morning. I hit the woods about 5am and was all set by 5:20. Had out 3 decoys, 2 hens and a brand new jake that I just got. At 5:45 the first tom sounded off front and center about 75 yards away. By 6:00 I had 4 toms talking and figured this would be a good morning. The closet tom flew down about 6:10 and I figured I could get him to come in. Well everything was going great untill 6:20 when 4 deer came running into the woods snorting up a storm, tails held high spooked really bad. They ran right through the woods and spooked all the birds, not a pep to be heard. Looked out the side window of the blind and see what caused all the trouble, coyote was walking down the edge of the feild. He was headed away and I hit the box call and he turned around and came right back to me but I didn't have a clear shot, he finally got my wind sent and headed across the feild.As I just sat there debating what to do a tom sounded off. Game back on. I figured out real quick the only call he would answer was a few soft clucks off the slate call. At about 40/50 yards he hung up. I had 3 differend deer meander between us but he would not budge. I gave him the silent treatment, hoping he would come looking for me. Well he sounded off again off the right hand front corner of the blind and I refused to answer. I heard noise, sort of a peping noise out the left window of the blind and when I looked here is the tom pecking my jake decoy tring to pick a fight with him. Needless to say I about chit, here is this tom 25 feet outside the window and my gun is lying in my lap. Thank god for the mesh windows, he never saw me raise the gun and put an end to my season. I did end up putting several #5's in the head of my new decoy but it was worth it. Stats are: Beard thick 9 1/2 inches Spurrs 1 1/4 in. both sides Weight 23lbs.
  19. Nice going Rich. It's been years since I fished that lake.
  20. Rich The first ones were stright west of the notrh end of the dump. The other 3 were all in the back feild edges. One on your side further back, closer to the river and 2 were over in our swamp back by the river. My brother got his bird on our dad's property.
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