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  1. Thanks for info. Need a week of cold everywhere.
  2. With no ice in the Jackson area I was thinking about going after some bluegills on Chippewa lake near Big Rappids. This is a big lake which will create some challenges having never fished it. Anyone have any previous hotspots they could offer up to get me and my brother started. Thanks
  3. Great post bro man. What a season we had. The bite was on all season and all of our freezers reflect it. Let me recap some highlights this year. Kids tournament was slow for us. Boated a few nice fish that weekend, the day after the tournament. Lol, kids had fun. 10 year old grandson caught his first 2 fish that weekend told his cousin "I got this" when he was asked if he needed help. Family trip in Pentwater was a blast. Bro's daughters both caught fish. That was a first for them. Nice job Kele and Beka. The second day of trip it rained like crazy. My wife who is awesome in the boat, told me fishing is good in rain and we went out anyways. Boated 11 fish that morning. New record on the Mon-ark. Took out a friend and his girlfriend in Ludington the next weekend. Both Landed there first kings. (Tracy and Mike) she was so excited instantly said " I got to call mom" and did so. Big smiles for me and bro. Spent the entire next week fighting waves with my bro (monarkbro). good thing we took a freezer that week. Took 40 fish that week. Both of us so sore the next week we couldn't walk strait. Bro is I might add the best boat driver I ever seen. We landed 5 of 6 fish in 4 foot sea's on an open bow 18' Bayliner at the same Time never had a 6 pack hit all at once before. Won't forget that one ever! Oh, we lost the last one at back of boat. Big fish that trip was bro mans 21 lb king! Labor day weekend as you read above was a great week. Bro in law Bill and nephew Tim boated all the fish. We let them have at and it was a blast to watch. I guess netting was the treat, they got better after the first few. Tim is 17 and has been learning the ropes for a few years now really did a great job working the lines. He still don't like that 10 color core! Looking foreword to next year already. Time to turn in the poles for the bow and gun. Good fishing everyone
  4. Morning - after yesterday's blow day. The water turned and cold water was in tight. I was excited to get out with my wife who joined by brother and I for the weekend. We lost the first two fish but then boated the next two. We stayed around the harbor working the 40-50 Fow. Took fish on moonshine bloody nose and Sarge mag spoons. One on a diver 60 back and the other on a 3 color. Quit early so we could clean up for fair up town. ended up 2 for 4. Evening - stayed near the harbor again tonight. Didn't get out until 7 but we still had good luck. Finished off the vacation with a 4 for 5 night. Took 2 nice kings on the same j plug on a 2 color core. Looks like a perch. Took a smaller king on a green ladder back plug and the other king on a moonshine Sarge. All in 40fow or less. Fish seemed to be stacking up at the mouth right at dark. Screen was solid marks. The end off a great week of fishing.
  5. Fished in the rain this morning. Wasn't great day to fish but it was a great day to catch fish. Early start payed off today. Was at the weather buoy setting up at 5 am. Started the north troll in 110 with 2 to 3' rollers hitting us head on. Boater two kings by 5:30 both on deep copper. Moonshine crabface and Sarge. Got lines back out and just as it was daylight enough to see the boards all heck broke loose. All six rods hit fish within 5 minutes. With just bro and I onboard we where in a battle with waves and fish. lucky for us the outside was open and we could get out of the fishing lane for this. Boated one after another switching up between net, fight, cooler, and of course steering the boat. It was crazy. The last fish was on a dipsy that we had to let scream and drag for 30+ minutes. Had a nice king right to back of boat when it clipped rigger cable and got off. Didn't loose any tackle lucky for that. When it was all done we had 2 on the floor and the other 3 in cooler. Great start, 7 am and had 7 fish. Took one more king and lost a couple before we quit at 9 am. Hot spoon today was yellow tail moonshine. Took 3 fish with that. Divers where short at 75 back, rigger down 40'. Took fish on all the rods. Mongo beef, bloody nose, razor burn, all took fish. Finished 8 for 12. Fun morning!
  6. Another day of healthy wind and waves. Didn't seem to slow down the fish bite though. Went 8 for 10 this morning with the bro man, Just couldn't finish out our two man limit. Set up in 100 Fow just north of the weather buoy straight out. Trolling north into the waves we had to kick up the speed a bit due to fast currents. Fished a one mile stretch of water ranging from 100 to 120 Fow picked up most of the fish on the south troll on deep coppers. Made two loops and finished by 10 am. Just had enough waves by then. Razor burn continues to be hot bait. Other fish also coming on bloody nose, crabface, yek verdic. Diver hit back 150 with the verdic, jumbo king! Good fighter. Someone forgot to tell it that we needed shore lunch. took 3 steelhead in the mix today as well. Looking foreword to calmer sea's.
  7. Morning - the morning was ruled by big waves. Started out at the weather buoy straight out and went North in 110 Fow. Took us 4 hours to boat 3 steelhead and one laker. Finished 4 for 7. Stayed in same depths down to bathhouse and returned in 125 Fow. Took 3 pf 4 on deep copper and the other on the rigger down 45'. Fish hit on moonshine crabface, razerburn, and yek verdict. Pretty rough morning and was beat up by the time we got back to port. Evening - went out mainly to see the sunset over water. Went south to project and set up in 90 Fow. Did not mark many fish and moved back towards the harbor for sundown fishing. Boated a nice king in 55 Fow on a moonshine Sarge. This was on a full core. Immediate after putting in back in we took a 6 lb steelhead. Took our next fish on a diver back 75' with a chrome and ble J plug. Real nice fish that stripped line out to the backing. Ended up 3 for 3 and did see a beautiful sunset. Great day on the water.
  8. A little bumpy going out before daybreak. Dropped lines straight out from harbor in 100 Fow going north. Boated one nice king on the rigger down 45'. Mag Moonshine Sarge. After watching a triple on the boat passing on our outside we took a jumbo king on a black/green spin doctor with a blue bubble fly. This was on the 250 copper. Tipped scales at 22.5 lbs. Bro had nice fight with this one. It seemed to enjoy running up the side of the boat where our diver normally is. Glad I yanked it out while he was realing it in. Took three more on the coppers 250 and 300. Moonshine crabface, and two on the yek verdict. Only had one get off so we ended up 5 for 6. Stayed in 100 - 110 fow all day. fished until noon so we are still bobbing around a little on land.
  9. Slow bite to the north for us today. Started in 110 Fow in front of bathhouse. Lost super sized king on 250 copper at back of boat. Hit on small moonshine crab face. Broke leader. Lost second king due to an east west troller at daylight. Took mag oki-doki with it. Stuff happens sometimes. Boated 3rd hit which was nice 12 lb king on moonshine sanbur. Took that on the newly tied 250 copper. Slow day but had rookie on board that caught his first king. He was pretty fired up about the day.
  10. Nice job filling the cooler. The bloody nose has been working for us as well. Back this weekend, can't wait to get it hooked up.
  11. Great job bro man! Look foreword to next week so we can knock them dead again. Nice job keeping the lures in the water with the family there. Lot of fish caught and good memories.
  12. If you get into Ludington, stop at captain Chucks. They have a great selection of all spoons and salmon equipment. As a bonus you get outstanding customer service. Very friendly and offer up anything you need to be succesful. Check the hot board as well. Seems like every year I catch a nice scoop there and go out and it puts fish in the box.
  13. Fishing good in the morning. 120 - 140 Fow straight out from harbor. Worked north and then south 1 mile. Picked up 8 kings and 3 steelhead. Divers back 125 with moonshine spoons. Razorburn picked up 5 fish. Rigger picked up 3 kings 40 down with a moonshine Sarge. Lemon ice, green dolphin, Green yek picked up nice steelhead. 300 copper was good all day with the razorburn. it was a GREAT birthday present to me!
  14. Had good Time with bro and the kids. To add a little to the weekend catch, my 10 year old grandson landed his first two kings. Needed help on the first one, got a little tired. When his cousin asked if he needed help on the second his reply was "I got this". don't know where that came from but it was hilarious. It turned out to be a nice 13-14 lb king. we finished with a 16 count overall. Big thanks to the gentleman that called and returned my board.
  15. A bit windy to start the day but calmed down as the day heated up. The eye bite was slow for us on our first trip to the bay. Several fish picked up in the black hole using small pink and purple spoons on 2 and 3 color cores. Worked our way over to the green spark plug and added a few more to the box on crawlers just off the bottom. Added 3 jumbo perch to the box as well. In all we landed 8 eye's for the day. Bro and I had a great day and enjoyed not fighting boat traffic on the water or in the harbor. Hats off to the team at Linwood Bay Marina for directing traffic in an orderly fashion.
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