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  1. Fished Ludington from Aug 10-14th, we fished 2 trips a day for a total of 8 trips. Of the 8 trips only one trip did we not go to the point, that trip we ran to the SW about 14 miles and attempted to find a different pile of fish, needless to say it was the wrong choice for us, we got the skunk on that evening trip. Our other 7 trips were spent up at the point, we fished primarily from the Bathhouse to the point in 80-150 FOW. We caught 19 fish total on those 7 trips 15 Kings (4 Shakers) of the 11 good kings we caught all of them were over 18 lbs., the largest being 28.3 lbs, the other 4 fish were Lakers that we were not targeting. Our batting average was terrible as far as I am concerned, we were approx. 19 for 40. The following baits performed very well for us, as always Big Weenie Brand cut bait rigs out performed all other baits our best rig was Kavorka with matching bait head, followed by Blue Bubbles. Spin Doctor Kevin's girlfriend matched with a green mile meat rig also took several fish. Plugs played a small role in a couple and we took one nice king on a 7 color Carmel Dolphin UV DW spoon. The meat bites were all on coppers from 150'-300's.
  2. Anyone have a good report for New Buffalo? Heading that way for Memorial day weekend.
  3. Bought a couple new Okuma Convectors 45's. Will Blood Run 45lb. copper using the small spro swivels and heat shrink tube fit though the reel line guide?
  4. Looking to rent a dock in New Buffalo for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Labor day weekend. City marina is full and Osekas is outrageously priced, $250 for 3 nights. Need 2 slips for a 20' and 23' boat. Any ideas?
  5. Thinking about heading over for the holiday weekend. Anyone have any reports?
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