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  1. I am using my bow mounted trolling motor with the GPS autopilot feature. I mounted a fin under the motor and just lock in a GPS heading. I don't have to run the trolling motor because the fin does all the work keeping the bow heading in the right direction. My big motor does all the pushing. My boat is a 20' Hewescraft and the only time I have to kick in the trolling motor to help steer is when we are in winds over 12-15mph and I have all my canvas up. Then the wind gusts can push the bow around faster than the fin can push back. The fin is made of aluminum plates riveted together. There is a rubber gasket between the fin clamp and the trolling motor head to prevent metal to metal wear. It is important not to get more than 10% of the fin area in front of the shaft centerline or the leading edge of the fin bites too much water.
  2. We went yesterday evening and went 4 for 8. The four lost were all knockoffs, there and gone. Got 3 steelhead and one king. Started in 180 fow, went out to 240, then back into 90. No pattern except all fish came above 50 feet down. Surface temp was 67 almost the whole time. Measured temp in the water column and water did not hit 42 degrees until 95 feet down. Water is pretty mixed up.
  3. Got out for a couple of evening hours just before sunset with my wife. Dropped lines in 130fow, trolled out to 160, then turned back east. Hit a double in 150 fow. Small king on a uv paddle and fly on one downrigger set 60 down. The other fish was a med sized coho on the other rigger with a blue dolphin set at 50 down. Later had a rip on a full core with purple spoon but it came unbuttoned. Awesome sunset.
  4. Fished 6:30 to 11:00 am. Got a 15 pound king on a 300 copper in 140fow around 8 am then a 7 pound king on the same rig in 170 fow about 10 am. . Nothing else and we tried from 85 fow out to 240. Fog was around all morning but visibility mostly ok. Heard the Lake Express fly past but could not see it. Lucky they have radar, a good horn, and good steering.
  5. Fished last night from 6-10 pm . Started in 90fow and trolled out to 120 then back in to 110 fow where we found an active pod. Ended 2 for 5. First fish on a blue dolphin slider down 35 feet. The next two knockoffs were on the same rig. 4th fish was on a rigger with a UV paddle and mirage fly set down at 50. Final fish was on a wire diver blue bubble fishcacher/fly on a dipsey set to run 40 feet down. Rookie on the boat lost that one but that's a lot of hardware to manage. Based on the radio, most fish seemed to be 30-50 feet down.
  6. Sounds like we got a little lucky fishing from 6 AM until 11 AM. Started in 80 feet of water first thing and fished from 80 feet of water to 120 feet of water and ended up 6 for 8. Two fish 60 feet down with a mag blue dolphin On a downrigger. Two fish on a dipsey with a UV green Flasher and UV green fly Set to run 80 feet down. Two fish on a full-core with purple mag spoon. After 930 the fish shut down and we tried out deep into 220 but couldn't get anything going.
  7. Glad you are OK . We were out there last night and saw those same bouys. They have no staffs on them and were tough to see. Kind of bugs me because a stick and a flag are not expensive. Oh well. Not trying to start a rant. We ended up fishing 150-190 until late and then moved back into 120 following the fish in. We ended up 7 for 7, all kings. Mixed depths anywhere from 163 to 50 feet down an riggers, dipsys, and lead core. No particular pattern or depths other than that same band of water that has been working all month,
  8. Went out of Muskegon from 630 until 10. Ended the night 6 for 6 with thre kings and three coho. All fish in 160 to 229 FOW. One king on a UV flasher fly down 160. Two kings on a mag green dolphin at 60. One coho on a half core, one on 120 copper, and the third on 200 copper. Tough night to run boards.
  9. The boat ran nicely. I'll get some photos when we get a sunny day and I can set up the rocket launcher.
  10. Fished from 7am to noon this morning. Started in 150 fow and had a hit right away on a blue/green dolphin down 40 feet. Lost that one. Next two fish came about an hour later in 160 FOW down on the bottom with a UV paddle and UV fly. Two nice chunky kings. Nothing after that until we got a coho on a dipsey set to run at 60 feet with another UV flasher and fly. Started getting rough on the way back in. Sounded like there were some fish being had in Holland in about 100 FOW.
  11. From a recent WSJ article In 1962, the Corps deepened the channel to accommodate bigger ships on the St. Clair River, which connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie via Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. That dredging, along with others in previous years, permanently lowered the levels of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron by 16 inches, according to a study commissioned by the International Joint Commission, a bilateral organization that monitors transborder environmental agreements. By 1993, erosion in the St. Clair River had caused a further drop of about 4 inches in the two lakes, but commission researchers believe that by 2003, it had stopped, said commission public affairs officer Frank Bevacqua. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444752504578024920103784566.html
  12. I a going to try one of the release weights that the salt water guys use for reef fishing. I think these would work well for the lakers. Just let them back down to the depth they came from . http://www.recfishwest.org.au/content/fish-release-weights-wa/
  13. Slow for us this morning, Went 1 for 3. First release was early in 100 FOW but nobody home. Second was in 175 FOW on a paddle/fly down at 150. That fish got farmed. Last fish was in 180 FOW as we were bringing up the same UV paddle/fly.
  14. Luckily we did not donate any tackle this time out. Last week was bad enough.
  15. Ended up 6 for 10 on kings this morning. Started in 90 FOW with a double. One fish on a silver dodger and green dolphin spoon set at 80 ', the other fish on a dipsey with a blue FC and blue bubble fly set to run 60' down. Other fish came on 300 copper with Jplug, a dipsey with purple spoon, and a few on a Big Weenie UV paddle and fly. 4 fish between 90 and 115 FOW, 60 to 80 feet down. two other fish out in 180 FOW in the Big Weenie rig set down to 170 feet. Easterly wind had not yet started bringing in the cold water but keep an eye out for it tomorrow am. Surface temps were 74 degrees everwhere but 52 degrees 80 feet down.
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