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  1. I am going to be new to perch fishing this summer in the area of grand haven and port sheldon. Can you give me some advice on spots and rigs you use to catch em? I'd really appreciate it.

  2. Fishing is pretty good rite now its 1015 n were 5 for 8 95-125-110 down on the riggers all took fish white paddle oceana. Down the shoot. Hello darlin and mod. Blue dolphin on the out riggers Blues seem to be the best 180-200 back wire divers gold alley cat took 1 fish Nothing on the cores Been fishing 100-150fow most the fish came in about 120-135 Lake is 1-2 footers
  3. fished 85-95 fow 5 for 8 dipsey 90-100 back green spin doctor w/pickle sunshine 3 hits riggers 45,67,55 down all took hits small green coyote w/ pickle, 11in white coyote w/pearl fly, 8in white coyote w/oceana 200 copper green lighting plug 250 copper glow black latterback plug all fish were caught early before 800am the bite slowed n couldnt get anything to work talked to a fellow fisherman that continued to catch fish later after 8am (steelhead) in 130+fow
  4. Started fishing at the 100 numbers in 75 fow hit our first fish at 123 foot stayed on the west troll n hit 5 more fish from 123 160 fow. Turned east only hit one. Swung back out west at 115fow. Trolled from 120 to 160 east n west . West was best Riggers 55,65,45 down flonder pounder, stinger nbk, white paddle doulbe glow tape both sides with pearl fly.. switched to white paddle with oceana down 85 foot Dipseys 160-175 back glow plug black latterback 150, 200, 250, 400 all took fish With grinch plug, green lighting plug, yellow glow green splatterback glow plug. 150 with Flounder pounder spoon Ended up 13 for 18 East n west troll West troll was best
  5. fished 75-100 foot 85 being the best 6 for 8 riggers 38, 64, 35 down double glow plug, wonderbread, n white glow paddle pearl fly, all took fish. 6 color pearl black dot plug 8 color double glow plug rigger 75 down chrome white paddle green fly ....last few trips been very slow after the sun has come up 8/27 fished this same area maybe just a touch deeper and had 10 fish by 8am. fished tell 11am and only had two bites after 8. we went 12 for 17 (all glow plugs).. on this day it was slow first thing but picked up for afew at daybreak tell we got shoved out of 85 foot and by the time we got back in there they shut down only picked up 2 more fish around 8-830 n nothing after 9-930 trolled south to the number change but had no luck getting anymore headed in by 10
  6. fished 140=150fow nw troll riggers 120 140 130 down large white paddles w/oceana flies 10 for 15 all big kings 2 1/2 hours 400 copper small paddle wire divers 200-220 back same white paddle w/oceana just north gh piers
  7. Fished from 150-190 fow with only boating 2 fish moved out too 200-220 fow and hit on nw troll turned n trolled east n started catching fish stayed in that water the rest of the day working in n out went 10 for 15 all small fish 3-8lbs. riggers 95-160 down white coyotes with poofster and oceana flys wire divers 220-240 back white paddles 400 copper blue paddle poofster fly 4 fish 450 copper blue green uv plug 2 fish mainly all paddles/flys but did hear that plugs were working for others very well also had good results with uv 8in uv paddle artic blast fly large uv spin doctor same fly 8/18 fish the same area north 5-600 numbers 9 fish all large fish 15+ lbs. 450 was unstopable fish only hit cores 6 out of 9 came on the 450 8in uv paddle artic blast fly 400 blue paddle poofster fly other 3 hit on riggers but no fish hookin up no driver bits
  8. this morning 8-15 we fished 75 to 120 fow n boated 11 kings 2 coho mostly hitting on white paddles with white (pearl) fly. dipseys with white paddles n meat rigs!!! later in the morning trolling out to 220 fow where we picked up 4 more kings between 180 n 220. same program all white paddles... rodman on the 8 color went afew times too.. ended up 17 for 22 dont over shoot them if ur headin out in the morning!!!!!
  9. i think theres gonna be a run soon. we usually see one about now... mostly all females and the spawn was gettin pretty loose....
  10. started out bout 100fow 1 hit looked like it was gonna be a slow morning tell we moved out just abit deeper best was 120-140 fow northwest troll was the best boxed by 930 Riggers 66,73 down spin doctors- mountain dew w/ pickle sunshine fly 6 hits white w/redish purple inlay w/pickle, each took bout 5 hits Wire diver zero setting large white coyote w/oceana fly, 6 hits 250 copper, standard size rotten mixed veggie, 5 hits (mixed veg w/ black dots) did it myself this morning with a black marker worked great! went 11 for like 22 lost a lot of tackle today, watch the sliders on ur riggers if u use them take them off!!!! seemed to tangle up with the cores from the screamers 10 kings all 15+lb fish 1 laker bout 8lbs
  11. kings r at the pier heads, big ones! anything glow in the morning then go with whites n once the sun comes up orange and chromes. 45 back on divers 12-20 down on riggers 1-5 color all took fish ended up boxing out by 730am 7/12/12 10 fish 2 guys even took afew in the channel
  12. loads of steelhead!!!!!!! go fishing!!!!!!
  13. Went 7 for 10 Fished 80-90 fow first thing this morning it started out great but had to move out to 100-120 fow after about an hour of the sun poking through the clouds. As soon as we hit 110 fow we began to take fish again. On a southwest troll. Wire driver 160 back with Black w/green inlay spinnie red beaded pickled sunshine fly took a few hits. 200 copper w/NBK 250 w/copper carmel dolphin this spoons been really hot! both took fish. Riggers down 56 & 76 down w/ blue freakin veg on the slider hit 3 times. And jagerbomb 60 down on the other. 3 Steelhead between 7-10 lbs. 4 Kings between all above 14 lbs. done fishing by 930 today Good Luck
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