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  1. Ill be out tonight also. My plan is the same as Matts. Give us a shout on 68
  2. These guys have said it all very well. Some nights you just need to crack open a beer, Relax and enjoy the sunset. We all like to catch fish but its not all about numbers. Its about good times with friends and family. Besides, Salmon is still my least favorite fish to eat.
  3. The one your talking about was still there Friday. I haven't heard of any being moved lately. I was down at the marina around noon and the wind was blowing hard. Gotta be 3-5' right now. If your wife is like mine, I'd wait for a calmer day.
  4. Great job for a short trip. I noticed your boat docked a few slips down from me. Hopefully we'll cross paths someday.
  5. Good job. I think we're going to try that same water tonight.
  6. Started just south of the nets and trolled outside of them. Finished just past them in 115' of water. 2.9 on the GPS seemed to work the best but honestly i maybe fished 10 min. all morning without having a fish on.
  7. First trip on my boat this year. Like to do it solo in case i turn it into a cluster. I don't like witnesses to my own stupidity. Great morning though. Set lines in 80' of water just north of the pierheads at 6:30 am. NW troll had 5 fish in the box by 7:30 and had to throw another back that hit before i could get the last 2 lines cleared. 150 copper with a moonshine. Not sure of the name but it looks like a Bloody nose. Riggers at 62 with a white paddle and at 50 with a Happy meal Each line took 3 fish. These were not "Tournament" Fish if your fishing Muskegon this weekend. Just 5 to 10# good eating small Kings and Steelhead
  8. Great job on the video Dennis. My wife is my favorite fishin partner too. Looks like you two were having fun. Your boat still looks as good as it did on that cold miserable weekend in Ludinton a couple years ago. Fish Tales docks directly behind me at Bluffton Bay. Wander down some time I think John owes you a Beer.
  9. Good job Gary. Not sure why we never fished together this year. We'll have to fix that next year.
  10. 50 trips means your not a "newbie" anymore. Some days they just don't cooperate I spent the day winterizing ours. 1 Week til bow season, Time to kill something that doesn't swim.
  11. Great job. You may have just changed our Satuday evening plans
  12. Original plan was to go deep in Lake Michigan but the wind was blowing hard at the marina so we scratched that plan. But after sitting at the dock watching all the boats trolling behind the paper mill for an hour we decided to jump on a friends boat with him and join the fun. We only fished for maybe 1 1/2 hours but managed to land 1 22# King on a J-Plug set 24' down. He also came with 15" Lamprey Eel as a bonus. First fish i've seen that touched both ends of the cooler in a long time. That was probably it for the year. Time to go huntin.
  13. Good job. A solo limit is a workout If the weather cooperates we're gonna attemt one last trip tonight.
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