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  1. Ok I found it.. great price on it here too..http://www.gloutdoors.com/dreamweaverflyspoonholder.aspx
  2. One thing that will help, trim the motor all the way down. As for tightening anything else up I have no idea.
  3. Might wish to go back through it and fix a few miss spelled words. That will make it appear much more professional.Distributers should be distributors.
  4. I too will be at the MI City seminar. It will be a chance for a beginner to learn from what more experienced fisherman have to offer. I will also try to meet as many of the guys that fish out of Trail Creek and Portage to possibly learn from the locals too. Plus I am so Jonesing to fish for salmon again that I can maybe get a little "fix" while awaiting spring. Eric Enk, Martinsville Indiana.
  5. That is the cats arse!. Heck I would be happy with just your old arch!
  6. Spent the past few weeks , prepping for paint. Then painting and pin striping.I mounted the battery charger, ran wires to the rear for the rear batteries. Going to add two flush mount rod holders for gimbal mount riggers. Not really much else to do to it.. Other than sit in it and dream of spring!
  7. This is on my buddies boat.8 miles out of MI city .
  8. well I am pulling it with a GMC dually duramax.. honestly do not know it is back there. actually tows a little smoother than my 19 footer on a single axle trailer.
  9. Started early AUgust on lake Mi out of MI city.. I have a 19 foot deep vee. runs good and safe enough for the most part. But the 3 hour drive to the lake for the weekend always involved a hotel. So wife and I decided it was time for a bigger boat with a cuddy. I prefer aluminum for many good reasons. Weight being one of them. I currently drive a duramax dually. But one of these days I might buy smaller truck.Or let a buddy tow the boat. I found this boat on the net, 22 foot crestliner with a cuddy and walkaround, something my wife wants so she can lay out up there, or one of the kids. 3.8 liter v6 includes a 15 horse evinrude kicker, 4 cannon electric downriggers and way way to much gear like release clips, dipsy, torpedo divers, planer boards, as well as a pair of collapsable big boards to mention.
  10. I myself am new to fishing the big waters. With that 21 foot boat you should be able to stand back and throw lots of Ben Franklins at it.. It is not a cheap passion to pick up. It seems a lot of the required equipment needed will last many years. dipseys.lead core, wire, Flashers, dodgers. I just started fishing Lake MI in August and dumped 700 dollars right off the bat on tackle. But every penny was well spent. It is pretty peaceful 8-15 miles off the bank..
  11. Are you running any sort of snubber?
  12. I run two unitroll 10s on the side, extended out as far as they will go. I simply swing them forward to clip on the line. piece of cake.
  13. I have cannons as well as big junks on my boat. The Bjs flop and rattle all the time going down the road. You must fasten them down to the boat or they will bounce violently. I just bought a used Cannon mag 10 for 240 bucks delivered with dual rod holders . The only good thing in my opinion about a bj is their ability to lift back to rig.
  14. here is what I use. This is from a set of online drawings.
  15. But you can buy a rattle can of "etching primer" specifically for aluminum,magnesium.. Available at most auto parts stores that mix and sell paint.
  16. Sure love someone to hook up with to fish on Raccoon. Or any lake as far as that goes.765-792-0144

  17. Yeah big jons are comprised of aliminum everywhere,So try and unscrew one of their booms and watch the threads pull from the corrosion.I have 2 of each on my boat. Won't be for long though. I am done with big jons..Rattling floppy things imho
  18. I might be able to arrange an empty seat for a Striped bass excursion on Cecil Harden if you are up for something different!
  19. to cut the tubing to weld tight. Use a 2 inch hole saw, Clamp the tubing tight in a drill press. As for the angle you will just have to play with that. Since you will be drilling at a steeper angle than the hole saw will swallow.you might have to back out and remove the first piece out of the hole saw.
  20. We will be putting in at Michigan City. When do the big salmon come in ?LOL
  21. I will have a lot of questions to be asked.. I am not bashful about asking a question either. I want to learn,best way to learn is to ask, and to be on the water.
  22. Come striper fishing with me sometime!LOL So far no adrenalin rush like a 20 plus pound bass..in an 800 acre lake
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