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  1. Nothing nasty. I said my peace, sea nymph pm'd an apology, all is well. Still waiting on Clare to get me some additional shipping info. Everything is cool.
  2. On Call, I also PM'd you. I think it was in poor taste for Sea Nymph to hijack my post and try to jump on the offer ahead of me.
  3. I am looking for a newer depth raider in good working condition for a reasonable price. Thanks.
  4. I have had some trouble with one of mine stalling, as well. After I check the wiring and switches, I'll have to make a decision They are ancient, and I can't see upgrading them. Where would I find someone to rebuild the motor for $50 as mentioned earlier. Is that something Walker does?
  5. Looking for a long shaft kicker for my 21' mariner. I prefer a 1990 or newer 4 or 2 stroke in nice condition. I live in north central WI but am willing to travel in the state if necessary.
  6. Is LPG guaranteeing these holder for this kind of use? Thanks, Matt
  7. That's priceless. Better hold onto the picture.
  8. I'm still interested in the yellow birds that I pmd you about and probably the okuma reels. PM me when you're back home. Happy New year. Matt
  9. You're video is really great. I watched it with my sons who are hopefully going to be my first-third mates next year. Seeing you crank up those nice ones really gets them hooked, but now they think you can catch a fish every two minutes.
  10. I recently bought some older downriggers without swivel mounts. Because of the way I want to set up my boat, it would be very helpful to have swivel mounts, but don't want to lay out the cost of original ones. Has anyone built any successfully? I thought about using bar stool swivels but would need some type of locking mechanism and worry about rust. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. What a day! Sounds like a blast. Congratulations.
  12. Sounds great Tom. My friend and I will be building this winter. I'll keep in touch. Thanks, Matt
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome. I just made another deal on some tackle, so now to setting everything up through the winter to be set for spring.
  14. I don't think I can answer your question directly, but can tell my experience. I have used a lot of different set-ups. I run an old gutted refrigerator set-up with charcoal, fruitwood chips and an electric charcoal starter. It works good, holds a big batch, but needs constant tending for temperature control. I want to build something with an electric coil and computerized thermostatic control, so you can pre-set temperature cycles on long batches like sausage. This would be an effective tool, but none of these would be suitable for grilling. The old mecco barrel smoker would be your best bet for small batches and is very versatile. They work great for fish and with tinkering game meats and poultry (it takes a long time)For sausage it is inconvenient, to say the least.
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