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  1. Sorry I can not help you out. I have never fished out of grand bend but have been told the fishing can be good. I m sure you will not have to travel that far. Waverunner runs out of grandbend if you can look him up im sure he will be able to help you out. I know he has some youtube videos on lake huron.
  2. Hey Im just down the road from you Lots of good info and great people Strik
  3. Great show it was the first time i have watched it. I will be looking for more. Good way to pass time Thanks
  4. I have the green on a couple of my rods i have had no issues... Then again the last couple years the fishing has droped on lake huron maby it is the green line lol All joking aside i would run it Good luck
  5. Great deal This i what i have been looking for. I set the boat up with a nice 4 ` thought it would be ok. Must say i like the size but would like more reach should have bought the 8 from the start
  6. Dave glad i found were you are hanging your hat your a great guy to have around lots of tips they messed up big time letting you go If your ever on this side of the pond let me know kev
  7. Hey dave Im just down the road from you I have not made it out that much this year due to work however clean spoons seem to be the ticket for us this year lots of jacks not to many big guys yet.. Derby just around the corner If i can help or your need anything drop me a line Good luck
  8. i tryed one a couple times however i just tossed it on during a slow day for a change up ... No hitters but it looked good lol Will try agian
  9. I like number 2 striker lol but it has never helped me Great way to spend time with the kids they all look great
  10. Good point It allways seem to be the 10% of the bad apples that we remember I cant say much this year i belive the guys will not see the sleds out The way this winter is going Take Care
  11. Nice rig love to see pic of it all riged up take care strik
  12. wow great deal I never see that around here Then again i cant ever go to a Meijers maby i should check them out the next time im over instead of gander Now we just need good ice Best of luck with the new toys Strik
  13. that is great way to make the best of the day
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