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  1. my readings were from .240-.162 and it fluctuated between them readings. thats less than a quarter volt. is that considered stray current. I was told that if the zink plates are dirty it will throw current off. but my plates are clean and in good condition. I would like my boat in proper working condition. so i would like to figure this stuff out to put more fish in the box.
  2. I know I read somewhere about copper line changing boat voltage in the water. And how to test it was to take a ohm meter and ground the negative cable to the battery and stick the positive cable in the water. I did this and I got readings from .240 and then dropped down to .162. It flucuated up and down in these ranges. I am wondering if this is good voltage or bad voltage when it comes to fishing. We don't run any copper line at this time. Does anyone know what the readings should be?
  3. Just wondering if anyone does any fishing on the south shore in the fall? We are pretty new to the big lake fishing. Just wondering being we only have our Wisconsin fishing license so it limits us to the South Shore.
  4. We have been using 20lb Big Game. It looks like we will be switching to either braided or heavier mono. Thanks for all your info!
  5. Just wondering if anyone else has problems with slide divers tearing up your line? Or is there something I am doing wrong? My line is full of knicks.
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