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  1. They sure can make a mess. Thats the reason for the large tote in the pic. We dump them straight into the tote and then into the live well with water in it so they don't stick. I think we saw you sw of us. Only boat we saw that far out. We were from the slides almost to Saugy.
  2. water was cold around 38-39 with a 1-2' swell.
  3. Holland 4-8 Coho Well its was great meeting and fishing with Don today and it was the first trip of the year for the Slickcraft and all went very well. 225-230 was best depth, early was 5-20 down and later 25-45 was best. ssw troll. 11 for 13 if you count the seagull. We did release the gull as it was out of season. Ended the day on a great note with a true double on the rigger and slider plus the diver went for a triple. Nice day out there today. Once we figured out they wanted copper and gold it was game on.
  4. Sorry for a late reply just got home from work. Boat is 16' 4" long not counting the motor and 80" wide. Located south of Holland. Ph Sixonesix8364327 I'd be happy to take anyone interested out fishing to try it out. Lowrance is a LMS-527c DF iGPS color and works great
  5. Opps- sorry forgot the price 6900.00
  6. 1996 Pro Sport 18FF Great all around fishing boat. Both motors serviced and in great shape. Kept is heated shop year round. 80# I-Pilot in excellent shape works unbelievably well as an autopilot. Traxtech tracks and rod holders. One Speedtroll long arm down rigger and one Big Jon short arm (trying something out). I have the matching pair to these and you may chose any 2. All work well and the Big Jon's have 1 new motor and 1 rebuilt. Galvanized trailer in great shape with 1 new tire, 1 decent tire and 1 not so hot spare. Pics are from today as we head out fishing for the 4th time this year. Mostly used to fish Salmon in Lake Mi and it has got a lot of them. Has another seat, bimini, and cover for the console. Price is firm as there is almost 5K just in the kicker, Lowrance, and I-Pilot. Oh and I just added a brand new Fishhawk X-4 temp and speed. Boat has been very well maintained. One pic shows the side of the hull after waxing a month or so ago. Changing my fishing type so I have a new boat ordered. $6900
  7. We must have just missed you or crossed paths cause we launched around 1pm or so. We ran to Cook but the front had come through and what I heard was a hot bite had died. In 2 hours we saw 2 fish caught and most everybody left. We decided to troll north in skinny water for browns and hit one nice stretch in 10-12' of water where we picked up 4 coho and a small king (go figure after we took off the coho tackle) then real slowly we picked up 2 more trolling in and out from 10-30'. I retire Sat and will be looking to fish with others my boat or theirs if you're interested.
  8. I'm sure glad to see that as surf casting for kings there has been all but none existent. Would help if they would get rid of the gulls and cormorants that gobble them up as they porpoise out to the lake. PS--Poor King return also is do to very reduced plants
  9. I always wait till spring for the gas/water filter so that I can fill it with fresh gas. I don't think you want to put an empty one on and then need to crank for ever to fill it with gas, at least not on my old mechanical pump. I just assumed you always fill the new one when you put it on. Long as its treated it should be fine to do in fall.
  10. pro-sport cc and yes I pulled boards. Most ice is west and nw of the piers and heading out. No ice in the piers today.
  11. Port Sheldon-win some, lose some Fished the bubbler but I'm not sure it was flowing any warm water and at times you couldn't even tell where it was as far as surface conditions. Slow but did manage a laker and steelhead. Ended up with a snagged cannon ball and somehow got all the lines snagged trying to turn and save the ball. Ended up retrieving my lures along with a few others but lost the ball. Seems like most guys were fishing the piers or pigeon lake. Is the only warm water discharge in the piers now?? Below was the cause of the snags, now removed from the lake bottom.
  12. Stopped there last year to have a look-see and hope to fish up there this year. Tried the link for the Betsi River Camp but it doesn't work.
  13. Pipe insulation is already split down the middle
  14. Hello Jim and welcome. I mostly fish out of Holland but plan to travel some this year including the East side for some walleye action. You're welcome to join me for salmon fishing this year or give me a shout and I'll drive north to join you if you prefer. Bob
  15. Contact Tuna Tom's in Ludington and see if they still offer the convectors. They had them in the 6:1 retrieve plus upgraded to the dragmaster carbon fiber drag system and they are silky smooth. Great outfit.
  16. Still lots of "use" marks over that long of time but I'm impressed with how good it is coming out. Only doing the sides of the hull for now. These products are working real well along with some 3m marine rubbing compound when needed.
  17. 41 Year Old Gel Coat Slickcraft looking shiny again. Not bad for 1976. Looking forward to getting it "dirty" again soon.
  18. Hope all goes well and your able to be on the water this spring.
  19. thanks for the info. thinking about tomorrow but the 10-20 is not looking to good.
  20. Thanks for the info. I'm planning on going out on Wed am so let us know what you find if you don't mind.
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