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  1. 4 for 6 or 7 fishing alone. 125-75' water, 7 color to the bottom. Blue spinnie/blue fly, bloody nose and another spoon I forgot. Laker dumped all over me and the boat for a bit of revenge I guess. The laker was quite feisty even fishing pretty good.
  2. Good job Ed and thanks for putting us on the fish when it settled down a bit.
  3. The BBQ guys also smoked up some of Fridays fish catch and it was some of the best I ever tasted. Great food and good fishing when you could get out. Mark the calendars for next year!
  4. Good fishing in Holland. 1 man limit in 3 hours. If I'm not mistaken the big guy is a Coho? Mostly green spoons down 40-120 in 140-170 foot of water PS "big guy" on the bottom of the pic. Had white gums and bright orange red meat. He was the biggest -pic is deceiving
  5. Hope to fish St Joe Fri and Sat mornings. Weather forecast is changing.
  6. Any seasoned fishermen know what this NW gale is likely to do to the fish? They were 130-200 out of Holland, will it change?
  7. Good met and fished with Shawn, Ugly punctured a tire launching on a big sharp piece of steel in the water by the launch Good 2 fishermen who loaned me their lug nut wrench and even picked up the trailer so I could change the tire--all volunteered help (THANKS) Good Skunk is gone, 2 for 2 with a small (released) and 2-3LB brown bad-very slow fishing. Good-everything worked first time out. Good-great day on the lake.
  8. Hoping to get out Friday and head down to S Haven. Let me know if that works for you and I should know by Wed night if it will work out to go.
  9. Try fishing up high. I was 4 for 7 today ( I dumped # 5 back in the lake out of the net accidently:(. 3 color was the best going in and out of the silt a bit north of Holland. Lots of acrobatics today with steelies jumping and fighting like crazy. I only got one or 2 hits with one keeper and a throw back down lower. Speed was 2.9-3.1 at the ball.
  10. Took my dad and one of his friends out who took this dandy fish. Thanks to all who post reports and helps and to Aaron at Lakeshore outfitters for all the help.
  11. Wow thats a big fish, not sure I've seen one that big. Upload photo to a photo imaging site like photo bucket, copy the IMG code and paste it to post your pic. Congrats on the trip and fish. I got a small furry creature with a white steak down its back
  12. No I did not get a weight. I dont have a scale.
  13. Spent a fair amount of time just driving around checking temps and sonar before setting up out deep. 2 for 4 after setting up losing one about 50' back after finding out it had wrapped the line around the hook which pulled it out. Worth it taking the nicest one of the year so far.
  14. 5 for 5 with 3 lakers and 2 Kings. All in 105-125 about 50-60 down and nothing hit twice. Heard some guys getting a few in 30-60' of water also. Only north troll worked today for me.
  15. I have fished every depth from 80-260 this week and can't find any concentration of fish anywhere. Seems like there are a few scattered everywhere. Warm water way down has made it tough fishing I think.
  16. 3 for 6 with a 14 year old doing all the fishing while her dad and I got a kick out of watching and cheering her on.
  17. Nice! I had hoped to get out today but picnic and figuring 6 million boats were trying to get in and out kept me home. Hoping for 2 or 3 trips this week yet as several friends have off later this week. Thanks for the report Kevin.
  18. Looks like I left too soon. I think I talked with you on the radio earlier and I remember you talking about the first 2 hits. I had one nice King and went in to watch the game. Wish I had stayed a bit longer!
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