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  1. We fished both days with not many boats around us. No bumper boating and not bad at the launch either ?
  2. Everywhere, if you haven't heard walleye fishing on the DR is insane right now. Limits in an hour almost anywhere you go. Fished mid on Tue and upper on Thur (today). I'm still stunned at that fishery. Get there if you have a chance. Plus its an awesome site to see.
  3. Good seeing the little kings for future fishing. We put back 5 of them on sat
  4. gold in the cloudier water like near the piers , red very hot, red yellow J-9 or 11 rap. 50 back is good. 1 color is good rigger 3-5' down is good
  5. the state park in SoHa. Its about 1/2 mile or mile north of the power plant.
  6. 2 man limit today Dan, 12-18' best water off the state park.
  7. Getting closer to good coho time, limit on thursday, 5 for 2 of us on Fri, 6 for 2 of us on Sat. In the channel Thur, in and out Fri, mostly out front and to the S on Sat in 15-20. Gold brads and orange raps. Was slow picking usually except for thur. Soon! Wind today was awful (Sat)
  8. I agree with Jon on the 32# and the 300 and 150 are great choices. I might alter the other side a bit like +/- 50 or 75 feet.
  9. thanks for the info. Surprised the docks aren't in yet. Must be Laker time there now.
  10. Stopped in to check out the docks and they were just putting one in in Holland. They are going to put 1 in Port Seldon today also. Much easier with the docks.
  11. Too short for him, these are 8' long and he needs 9. You're welcome to take a look
  12. overisel, just south of Holland
  13. OK, He decided not to stop by. I have another guy who will look at them tomorrow to see if they will work for his boat. I'll try to remember to contact you after that.
  14. I spelled it wrong -sorry. It is resent
  15. http://www.magnum-metalz.com Looks like I spelled it wrong
  16. Anyone have any experience with these riggers? Thinking of adding 1 as a chute rigger as its rated for 25# weights. I wondered about the strength of the arm when you add the extensions (36") to get past the outdrive.
  17. Time to start getting things ready. I must have had at least 3 divers break where the arm snaps in on Deeper Divers. Any one else have this and wondering if you like your divers and they hold up what kind you use?
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