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  1. I redo the ends each year and cut off maybe 10 feet of cable unless more seems like it needs it. Definitely put an edge on the platform that won't fray the cable. Once its frayed it needs to be changed asap,
  2. Not sure why but the familiar bite strips seem to be soft this year (I keep them frozen till use). They are limp in the bait heads and the roll is poor or even nonexistent sometimes but the bait head rolls fine without meat. Not sure if I've gotten a bad batch or what but the soft stuff doesn't seen to work as well. I'm looking for alternatives like a place that has fresh red or green for sale.
  3. Thats awesome Brant-congrats on big fish. Should have that steelie's escape on video :-), as if they aren't hard enough to keep on the hook!
  4. Thanks Nate (and Greg) for coming along and being a big help. Big fish ended up 18 plus and total weight was over 51. Glad you both could come along it was great fishing with you.
  5. If the water flips mid august the big kings may already be started up the river up there. Then further south may be better like muskegon or grand haven so I would watch the lake.
  6. Send me your contact numbers and I'll keep in touch
  7. Dates are Fri 7-22 and Sat 7-23. Not looking for pro's Greg, just people who won't birds nest the coppers because they never used one so we'll see what pans out in the next few days to see if I go or if I join someone else.
  8. I need 2 experienced crew for the Dreamweaver Tourney. I plan to pre-fish Fri am out of Holland most likely and then the tourney on Sat am. However if I don't get a crew together I can offer my service and the tourney entry fee I already paid to someone who is thinking about it but hasn't signed up yet. Thanks Bob sixonesix, eightthreesix, 4327----
  9. http://gizmodo.com/bearcam-is-back-bitches-1783153886 Live cam of some awesome fishing
  10. Great job Kevin-red thin was good for us also.
  11. I saw that the lake had flipped in the morning and as much as i wanted to be there I had to wait till after work. There is (was?) cold water pushed right up to the beach. We had 50 degree water down 7 feet in 25' of water and even dipped into the 40's. It would start to warm as you ran west. Marked some bait in there as well but not tons. Lots of marks on the floor and suspended up several feet that I am guessing were lakers and browns but we didn't get any bites deep.
  12. Set lines at the s end of the sliders in 25' of water with JD and Tom and picked up a brown almost right away. Fished 20-40 to just south of the saugy piers. There were too many boats in tight fishing the shore line and up tight to the piers so we stayed in mostly 25-35. Went 8 for 10 with 3 browns, 3 steelies, and 2 kings. The top 15' was best with the red fin with squiggles leading the way with 2 and then a mixed bag. Orange crush took the biggest king if I remember correctly.
  13. I bought this one and I like it. It does make netting easier after dark. They make much more expensive ones but this does the job just fine for me inexpensively. I only put one on the side I net from but you could easily do 2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AJVLIN8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Ran to Saugy after work today with JD and Tom and found a couple nice steelies in front of the piers. Lots of cold water. 25-35' of water. All spoons and all different. Lost 3 others that put on quite the show for us first. Beautiful night on the water tonight.
  15. now i don't feel so bad for throwing a fish overboard and the stringer not attached to the boat. good job on the fish.
  16. You might be able to replace your prop with one of those!
  17. Wish I had known about your electronics as we were south of you heading your way and could maybe have helped. Its was difficult out there to message you much less call. Nice job on the fish, thanks for the heads up. Hope you get your stuff fixed soon. For some weird reason my Lowrance display went almost dark for a while same day. Come back after I restarted it. Maybe we were in a solar flare or something???
  18. OK-got a call and it might just be a simple fix (hope/hope) I had replaced the gear lube screw with a new one and the new one had a magnetic tip. Looks like maybe it was a touch to long and the mechanic found the magnet part broke off and says it now shifts info forward gear. He won't be able to put it back on the boat till tomorrow but it may be that that tip clogged something up and might just be working. So just an FYI if you change your screw and it doesnt have a mag tip -dont add one. Thanks for the calls and emails guys I really appreciate it.
  19. Looks like I may need one. I have heard of places that have them as rebuilds etc, and also of a place in FL. that sells generic ones new. Anyone have places for me to check? 6168364327 thanks
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