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  1. I think that's a good idea. Your understanding of up-current and down-current speed variation and comparing it to GPS SOG I believe is spot on. The reason many boats show so many different "speeds" is often just that their operators never took the time to tweak the calibrations that many of the systems are capable of. Same could also be said for many boats "depth" reading. Would love to know how it works out for you after you've got it dialed in.
  2. oops...sorry. don't know how I came upon that old thread. chalk it up to reference now.
  3. Also some Michigan fisherman making "Jonah Jigs" somewhere up north, maybe Frankfurt I think. I rarely get up there so haven't looked for them...but I had a note to self that they were carried at: Big Bob's in Frankfort, Riley's in Manistee, and Capt Chucks in Ludington Supposedly a great jig and getting used by a lot of guys.
  4. I've been planning to start jigging in Lake Michigan and have researched and bookmarked what I think are the most hopeful options. Here's what I've got in my Favorites list...although I have yet to fish with any of them. Back in Wyoming it seems only the old-timers troll anymore...everyone else jigs. In some lakes where depth goes from 350ft to 80 feet in a matter of a few yards, trolling can be very dangerous if you don't know exactly where you're at. Zzinger (and BuzzBomb) ProTroll E-Jig Gapen Flicker Crippled Herring Exude Cigar Minnow Good luck...please report what works for you.
  5. re: snubbers...only place I see them doing their job is behind dipsy...as Gnarf said, you want to absorb the violent strike and get a good hook set. I see no logic in putting them on the line before the dipsy. re: scent...I try to keep things clean. Occasionally I worry about sunblock getting on lures, so a good cleaning and some scent probably wouldn't hurt. I've used scent but don't fish enough to be able to say if it helps.
  6. and if you ever intend to take the cooler off/on the boat, the Yeti's are like moving a safe...heavy, heavy, heavy. Igloo all the way
  7. I'll try to get a pic next time...
  8. Is it gonna be available? so what's the name gonna be? Hot Pursuit? The Fuzz? or some play on words using copper or (gasp) pig or ?? ;-) Was recently talking with my 16 year old son about how distinctive and unique our MSP cars are compared to any of the others we see when driving cross country. Glad to hear it's a winner.
  9. similar yes. but marks were all over the place for about 30 feet (from 25 to 55 feet deep) in 75 to 95 feet of water. so yes similar...but just a lot more
  10. Dave, thanks for the report. Sounds like fun...sorry about the breakoffs. Quick question, when you say "hit a screen filler" are you talking about marking just gobs and gobs of fish or just one very large fish? I'm trying to make sense of the fishfinder marks I describe over here.
  11. so I fish about 5 times a summer and thanks to you all I do pretty well anytime I go out, certainly having a bunch of fun. Last night I fished with my son out of Saugatuck. At the end of the night we left 3 lines in the water and just trolled straight in. From about 95FOW to 75FOW the chart was marking what looked like solid fish from about 25 feet down to 55 feet down. Sorry I don't have a picture of the sonar. Not the solid all red markings you get over the slimy green goo...but what appeared to be hundreds of individual fish being marked. Are those stacked up salmon? or massive amounts of alewife/gobies/bait? Does it payoff to fish above or below those marks...or straight in the middle of them? Thanks for any tips on analyzing what the old Raymarine E80 or C80 (not sure) is showing me.
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