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    bringing my amf slickcraft ss-245 back to life
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    great pnw
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    slaying geese & filleting fish
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    putting planes back together with superglue & a couple rivets 2
  1. the only factor I would worry about with the planers is the current, we try stacking @ times & get crossed every now & then. I have Q about your downriggers are the big john riggers a sealed motor & belt or gear driven? mostly scotty's are run out here & cannon
  2. I've been on there as well reading around gaining some know-how & have read that some of the slickcraft boats came with mahogany stringers but I think that may have been pre amf (1970)
  3. or any other downloadable technical data on the boat mine is a 76 ie...kind of wood used for stringers ect
  4. gives you a direct line to the fish so that you don't have the added pressure from the flasher I love them I would suggest a black dragon & a purple crush
  5. my bimini top is a bit worn so I figure just add on a hard top now it's just finding one
  6. check out http://qcove.com/ you can call him & do custom colors as well even if its only one flasher
  7. I'm in the search for new tactics & not many ppl have info on my slickcraft so I'm turning to where it came from. do you use break away flashers?
  8. looking to turn my slickcraft into a hardtop was wondering if there are any after market tops available or used top off of a Grady would work any suggestions are more than welcome
  9. guess it would depend on what kind of downrigger you run? I like to keep 15ft between clips & use the little line bullets to trigger the stop on a Scotty & a second one down just off the boom to keep from popping off the clip
  10. am am mostly acustomed to fishing inshore saltwater for kings, silvers pinks looking to gain some knowledge lake style
  11. I would highly recommend the tinned wire also helps to withstand vibration not just corrosion
  12. thanks Steve pm sent I was also curious about maybe trying to find a hard top
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