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  1. Might want to check NOAA today Steve. The forecast for Ludington is high winds and storms coming in tonight and Tuesday, ending Wed. and Thurs. looking good again 1' or less.
  2. Kinda unbelievable you could do that out of a kayak Kalvin, good job. Stay safe and keep up the good work and pics..
  3. Many thanks to Capt. Craig and Mike for sticking up for fishing on Lk. Mich.. It may have been late coming, but we are certainly seeing an increase in bigger and more fish in Ludington these days. I can't figure out why there seems to be a rumor to the contrary either. Every year has it's ups and downs, that's a 35 year tip from an elder, fishing since the early 80's. The BEST Is YET TO COME imho. The best could be in early Sept., like everything else, it's running late after that brutal winter. I'm betting late August is going to be balistic on big fish too.
  4. Yea, typical Saugatuck with a couple of $Million dollar yachts in port. Hmmm, is that the new tournament central rig? Lol. Good luck with the tourney guys.
  5. The Trophy line of Bayliners is their most popular. The new ones are being born in S. America now, labor costs I do guess. Nice boats if you can buy one. And the ones in fresh water offer the best of the best, as one would expect.
  6. The next few weeks I expect the 27.6# King to be beaten at Thompson's Marina in Ludington for sure. We are looking now for the 30# Kings in the next few weeks on thru mid-Sept.. So, if you want Big FISH, what should you do? Call ME!
  7. Capt. Ed from Ludington again. We have BIG FISH coming in now, up to 27.7# at Thompson's Marina in Ludville. You may have them outside the pierheads early in the 4:30am time, or at dusk at the Big Pt. Sauble. Either way, we expect the 30# class to come in mid-August to 2nd week of Sept. now, everything good is running a bit late this season. The Main Point is that Ludington HAS GOOD FISHING! For some reason, some people of recent keep saying they hear the fishing here isn't that good right now, and they are WRONG!
  8. First of all Kick'r, welcome to the GLF forum, best forum about fishing for me. Nice report and pics. and hope you fish the Monster in Manistee. It's real good too, lots of competing capts. that you'll enjoy sharing tricks and stories with.
  9. Capt. Ed from Ludington Michigan. From everyone and everything I've heard this season, it started out very cold, got warmer, and is still too cold for early August. The fish and bait seem to be spread out more than other summers of recent. High winds changing directions all the time hasn't helped any. If the wind changes continue, it's not good. I predict the summer south winds to prevail this month and warmer temps. to bring the Big Kings in late. In big numbers, and in big weights. It may play out till mid-September for the best fishing to get hot.
  10. Sorry, the page does NOT EXIST is what I get for a feedback sir. Sorry, but thanks anyhow!
  11. Wth is up with the logs/wood/deadheads this season? We also have some at Ludington, and that is unusual except wind directions have changed alot from day to day for three weeks straight. Be careful guys, thanks. How many fish too Mike?
  12. Ha Ha, look at the gallery at what's happening in Ludington pal! Want a fishing trip or dock now?
  13. Picture speaks for itself. Biggest fish 22.6#, went 10 for 14 in near Ludington. 150# box of fish to clean, fun! Four fish were 20-23#, the rest also nice 7-15#. The CATCH IS ON!
  14. Sounds like you have a lot of colder water up there yet, which is to be expected up north yet.
  15. I remember the Salmon-A-Rama tourney. Glad to see it's still going. I fished it out of Port Washington on vacation 3 straight seasons. Real good people, and if I remember, seems like the Lions Club sponsored it right at the fish cleaning station next to the city marina. Don't have to travel far either for deep water, and great fishing when I went.
  16. How did you do today Jeff? I heard Pier Pressure was in first, so far. I remember fishing against Mark some years back, I used to spank his butt too. Guess he's got more time to fish than me nowadays...lol.
  17. Call Pier 42 and see if they can give you a report. This time of year was always productive for Algoma. Heck, you're not that far, drive over if you can and ask the captains too. Good luck.
  18. Yup, and one guy said he had a bait fish alewife in the king that was over 10" long, now that's a big moe. And we still have half of July and all of August to go...lol.
  19. That's very thoughtful Erik, and worth the effort. At my marina, we ask if you can describe the article lost, and if you can, you gladly get it back. This helps prevent others from claiming lost articles they are not entitled to. Good luck in getting this into the works.
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