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  1. I also welcome Mike and Cynthia, What a phenomenal decoration idea for the Christmas tree, best I've ever seen. Merry Christmas and tight lines.
  2. Hope so too Capt. Hank, and welcome aboard the fish express.
  3. Hi Capt. Dan, I'm just a newbie and found your page. Looks like you still enjoy the sport alot like I do. Good fishing, maybe we'll hook up together someday, exchange fun trips. Thanks.

  4. Hi guys, I'm introducing myself as a new member, Capt. Ed, of Reel Rascal II Sportfishing Charters, www.reelrascalcharters.com, in Ludington, Michigan, my hometown. We are well known around the state as the Gold Coast Salmon Fishing Capitol, a well deserved reputation. I first fell for salmon fishing in 1982 when a friend took me fishing in August in the channel in front of the USCG station. I hooked a 26# King the first time out. After boating that I hooked into another 23# King, boating that too. Needless to say, I was totally hooked on salmon fishing, and right in my back yard for so many years previous too. I fished my own 26' Chris Craft from 1983-1987, then bought my current 33' Chris Craft Commander in 1988-present. On a lark, and kinda a challenge, I took a class for the USCG Capts. License and passed in March 1987. I've had alot of fun fishing with friends and clients alike. The sport has changed alot since I started, electronics, spoons, flies, riggers, and other tackle is all on the cutting edge and improving drastically every year. I found and joined this forum to relax and enjoy the comradery of fellow fishermen. To hear of their experiences, and expertise, and hopefully be able to share some of mine too. I am vey glad we have this forum to share our thoughts, and maybe some good old fish stories too from time to time.
  5. Many thanks Frank for the warm welcome. Look forward to the comradery at GLF.

  6. Hi Propman, A good place to start with information is the local Manistee Sportfishing Association, also the Ludington Area Charterboat Association. I know LACA has a website, Manistee probably does too. April-October is the prime season. Welcome, and good fishing.
  7. Nice looking avatar on your page sir, looks like he went over 20#. Nice. I live in Ludington all summers, look me up when you're around. Thanks.

  8. Well, there sure is a wide variety and choice of manufacturers these days, way too many to list. Since they are made in my hometown, I have a fondness for the Yeck/Yuck, and of course Dreamweaver. But you can't beat the glows of those Moonshines either. Just wish they cost $2 again.
  9. May all your hooks catch fish, and your cooler bountiful. Merry Christmas to all the great lakes sportsman here, and a very prosperous and healthy New Year.
  10. Hi Matt, I just found this forum and thought it looked good to join. When I saw your name I couldn't think of a better person to start out as a new friend. You are sure a serious fishing enthusiast. Thanks.

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