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  1. Hi guys...new here... I'd like to hear from the guys that are actually running Trophys out there. I'm looking at the 2002 and 2052's (2001 and newer)... If you own something else that would suit my needs, feel free to offer input. I'd like to avoid brand bashing if at all possible. Why I'm looking for a Trophy: 1. I need a Lake Michigan salmon boat that is easy to trailer. 2. I would like to stay between 10-20K...unless my dream rig come up. 3. I will fish with my spouse and 3 kids... I want something with as high of a gunwale as possible due to having a 2 and 3 year old on the boat. Cabin space isn't a big deal, as long as they can go down stairs and play/nap. 4. I've seen a lot of turn key rigs in my price range...seems hard to find a better all around boat for the money. Input fellas? Thanks!
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