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  1. Ludington? 21 fish in the box 9/7/14. Seacatmich got 9 today too.
  2. Good report Dennis. Btw, I was over the other day at the Lud. municipal marina admiring your boat. I have never seen a more pristine and rigged-out Marinette in my life. And now that you say she is a 1975 model, it's just astonishing. You must really LUV that boat. By gosh, everywhere I looked, everything appeared like new. And that red paint trim, wow, it really pops for me. Just wanted you to know, your time, money, and effort to make that boat look so beautiful, wasn't wasted on me at least. Super job!
  3. That 1 MANIAC has some great ingenious ideas there imho. American ingenuity is what I'd label that as, good job Jim, impressive posts.
  4. Play Dough, that's the entire point I'm making here. Just think of all the break wall walkers and fisherman that could also have been hit in this accident. Luckily, they must have traversed back to shore when they felt the cold fog on their skin. I'm not making any rush to judgment on that Capt. yet, as we don't know the entire story. After the USCG makes their investigation for all known, in detail, and with facts, then I will offer my take on the accident with more clarity. Until then, we should probably not rush to final judgment. But, as we all know, some basic rules of the road appear to have been ignored, as safety was lost in this particular case for unknown reasons yet.
  5. Dan, there are also plans from the last 2 years to start off-loading the coal ash in Manitowoc, Wi.. It will then be trucked upland somewhere. That deal should start next season if all reports are accurate. The reason the Lake Mich. Carferry fought Lake Express 10 years ago was that they got subsidization from the State of Michigan, or some loans, that made their venture possible with public funds to start with. The Badger is strictly funded by private corporate ownership. Hope that helps in your opinions. Thanks.
  6. I heard earlier this season that the Lake Michigan Carferry owners did install more pollution equipment, about $300K worth is what I heard. So, they are making an expensive effort imho. And more will be installed next season too from local reports. When you fire coal for a fuel, there has to be some smoke. Reducing that emission is good for everyone concerned I agree.
  7. Simon, I have fished all the ports you mention and suggest you call the local bait and tackle shops for clues on their action at any point in time of the year. It varies according to water temp. and weather usually. It's always best to ask the locals what's going on, and make your informed decision from there. Every season is a little different from the last season. Go with your instincts and info. you collect, and the decision will be apparent. Good fishing Simon.
  8. The Ludington Badger has outlasted ALL the carferries on Lk. Mich. to date. It's a great ship to sail, not fast, but steady, sturdy, beautiful, consistent, safe, and fun! Those staterooms are a gas too, and privacy is not compromised. I crossed on the competition last year, and wasn't impressed with the 2 hour rough voyage. NO PRIVACY either! That ship can't hold a candle to the Badger. And yet they have their claws out to destroy our Ludington ship, and why? There is plenty of customers for both ships, and plenty of revenue too. Why hire DC gangsters to destroy your competition? I think the Express boat's owners should just mind their own business, and live and let live, imho.
  9. Boltman, I get fishies every time/day I get to go out. As for Dan, heartsticker, he's a great lad. And so is his crew/family. They had a great time and shared all the info. on fishing with the rest of the dock daily. I would be proud to have Dan return anytime he wants to, with red carpet laid out to boot. Thanks Dan, we truly enjoyed your short stay, and don't forget to come back anytime, we welcome guys like this with open arms, and love. He's fishing all over Lk. Mich. this summer, and should have some nice stories to tell into the fall. The best to you Dan. Keep in touch my friend.
  10. Correction: it was a 34' Pursuit, a charter boat, capt. is Jim Winfield of Southgate, Mi..
  11. Most importantly, the crew and capts. were not seriously hurt. It may have been totally fatal for anyone aboard, or all! This hasn't happened in a couple 2-3 years around here. But it shows, it can happen to anyone. To err on the side of caution and safety is always my rule on the water.
  12. This is a very unfortunate and scary vessel mishap that happened Sunday night about 9:30pm in a fog bank near shore, in Ludington. The 33' Tiara "Reel People" was apparently going too fast and also lost radar and all electronics coming back from fishing. I hope this hits home for all of us that we must use good judgement and calm when returning to port. Don't be in a hurry and use caution at all times. Celebrate your trip after you return, not on the water. Thanks to Willy for the wonderful pictures.
  13. Nice report Jim. We've had fog problems quite a bit over here in Ludington too. Last nite the Reel People 33' Tiara went up on the north breakwall. Luckily, no one was hurt as far as I heard. That will be front page headlines w/pics. in tomorrows Lud. Daily News for sure. Great loss of fishing boat though.
  14. We had a guy, Doug from Big Rapids, teacher and fun fisherman, NOT a CHARTER, get 13 for 17 tonight. 9 jumpers and 4 kings out to 300' FOW. Here's a few pics. of some caught and the action. Thompson Marina Ludington is where the Action IS! Thanks, and so, it doesn't get much better, or does it? I think the Big MOES are still staging up soon, and will bring us a real bounty in the next 2-3 weeks. The PM River guides I know say the PM River is dry right now, that means tha Big Run is still to come, late, as everything is this season.
  15. Here's another story from about 15 years back if you guys will allow me. Turned out a full day trip produced among 12 other fish in the box, a 36# salmon for us about 12:30pm out of Ludington. This fish wrapped itself around the head with 25# Big Game line and wasn't coming in at all after 15 minutes. HE was Big Moe. And we had a slight chop of 3'-4' roller waves. We pulled all lines and went from neutral to drive on one engine after 25 minutes. The fish didn't like it, and decided he was making some new run, after it had made 3 others earlier. Now it's 30 full minutes into the fight, and the angler and salmon are still fighting well. That's when I decided enough is enough. We had turned on that fish several times too already. And still the Fish wanted to keep it up. I finally decided this must be a triploid, hybrid steroid type, 50# or more:?and wasn't going to lose him. I backed down the boat, as if we were catching a Marlin or monster fish. The fish finally tired down after the 40 minute fight, thank God! We had to double-net him, the first net being slightly worn, having a bent handle trying to land him, and a weaker older net that was well worn with the past seasons. That fish ended up in a 128 qt. cooler, and he alone, took up the entire cooler for a while. Master Angler award was in the works, and that's my story. Thanks.
  16. You've got to Quit doing that Boltman, or do you? I know a couple of guys recently off our docks and others, that went out all nite fishing past dawn, and it worked during the most recent full moon. Depart 8pm, return 8am for example. One guy got good action at 3:30am and again at 5am. Took 12 fish for 17 bites. So now, you don't have any excuses anymore...lol. Some other guys left the bar and went out at 3am and also did well a couple of years ago, but I don't recommend that condition for fishing, at least for the capt..
  17. Thanks for the report Corey. Gotta new pic. here too of a nice catch in Ludington. That's where people say the fishing sucks this season. But, I guess we know better up here...lol.
  18. Thanks Ryan and Grant. I think the majority of fish are circling out deep in anticipation of a big run soon, with BIG FISH! PM Lake is also active with some early bird runners being caught regularly now. A brisk wind is coming out of the South right now, sure to move some water around, along with higher temps. in the works for a while. Been a cold August up here this year, brrr. That's gonna change if the forecast is accurate. We hope the next 3 weeks, as usual in Ludington, will be awesome. Come see me, we're catching em up better everyday now!
  19. Reports are available at fish-ludington.com and free style charters.com. Now go catch em up!
  20. Real nice boat and options for the price, good luck.
  21. The big winds early today and all day till nightfall, have pushed up to 9-11' waves, forcing that outside cold water up to shore, and also the bottom water up, roll-over. I think the next several days to 1 week could see a great bounty coming in to go up the PM River/Lake. Check out fish-ludington.com or Freestyle charters fishing report now and the next days ahead. Thanks.
  22. Just heard this too a couple of hours ago. Not a fishing conv. but still a true tragedy. That guy could really make people laugh. And what's better in our lives? Sadly missed at too early an age imho.
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