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  1. When you are fishing offshore for steelies, give it a try on every trip and see if you get results. I like the orange and red ones for steelhead, but yellow and blue also works on darker days. I also run them on a shallow rod like high line, or 2 color off the small planer boards.
  2. Hi Tony, can you describe the particulars of the unit? Like range in miles, fixed or rotating base, year of mfr., post any pictures? I always wanted one, and also know others willing to buy quite possibly.
  3. Blake, I'd try posting an adv. in the charterboat websites that offer space for that, or contact them to put in their newsletter asap. There are a few captains listed on the Ludington Charter Boat Assoc. website as captains for hire, not having their own boat. Ted Malt is one up here in Lud.. Good luck.
  4. With regulations on captains changing yearly, it's hard to keep up. Having said that, I was talking about renewal captain licenses, sorry. Didn't know beginners still need it. Anyhow, that's the US Gov't. for you. Take another $150 or so for something that will not be needed again, and let the citizen pay out more, and do more work, basically, for naught.
  5. Slower speed and heavier weights on the rigger will help. Also direction trolled to make wires straight down in the water without much blow-back. My lake trout speeds normally average .8-1.2 mph on surface, if that's what you usually target.
  6. Great pictures, and thanks for sharing.
  7. Alan, I think it depends on what type of water/lake you will usually be using the boat, and the type of fishing most done. Try to test ride several boats this spring before you decide for sure, that way you get a feel of the experience. Fiberglass is definitely a smoother ride in rougher seas for all intents and purposes imho.
  8. NACO, (Natl. Assoc. of Charterboat Operators), also offers the random test program. You DO have to test before you send in your application, with the results. The TWIC program, last I knew about 2 years ago, was discontinued and not required anymore. That whole program was intended for capts. and other transportation workers at large ports where security concerns for terrorism was the main issue. Not really intended for us 6 pack capts. on charterboats.
  9. Hook-hone-r II by Pointmatic is rechargeable for about $32. Great little machine that takes the work out of doing this on the boat during fishing and waves when you need it most.
  10. I think what young gun was trying to get across more so than not, was to look at Boat Trader's website for many choices in all sizes, years, and budgets. They have a vast listing of boats from all over the country at all times. Tiara's are not cheap at any size. Sea Ray and Chris Craft also make nice fishing boats for good values. Many other great makes too in trailer type sizes. Good hunting.
  11. Bill, I don't know what make bilge pump you have. But Rule makes quite the majority, and I'm sure their website has this info. on a sensor light. It's a great idea to always have one to monitor it working properly.
  12. Muratic acid takes anything off. Be careful using, use eyewear and gloves for sure. Dilute with water 50/50 to start. Stand back and don't get fumes in nostrils or eyes. Cost is minimal, $3/gal or so.
  13. These 23' waves were washing over North Lakeshore Dr. in Chicago last weekend. Closure of that Rd. happened as a result for some hours. Google it, there's videos of the event both day and nite.
  14. It appears the first lot of Pro-trolls etc. has 65 in the lot, if my count is right. Thanks & good luck.
  15. Another welcome Bill. Sounds like fish are still deep there. Any surface temp. avail? Thanks.
  16. Jim, many yes's now may equal no's later. Or vice-versa, each individual has that choice to make in life. No one is another person's conscience. Or his decision maker. Just remember, what you did today and before, will be reflected in some later date, whether you are here or not, or really don't care! That in the end, may be of true relevance on your entire being here. Just think about it, and objectively, not personally. It truly is sobering if you think it through entirely, and ultimately. Happiness is not always a gauge God made for us that we can measure life's existence and quality on. Success and relevance of life is the measure I try to use for a gauge. Each of us are our own keepers.
  17. I guess at this stage of the game, and long before, my kids and now grandchildren, are the businesses. Shame, didn't want or ask for it, but still have to do it. So, have to work, and be happy, that's the ONLY time to make money, and unfortunately, that's what has to pay bills for me the whole year round. Not putting anyone down for vacations deserved. That's just my take on my life nowadays, it's work and make money, or gripe later about lost income. I've tried hiring people, it doesn't work though. Lost income and goodwill is all I got.
  18. When you run two predominantly summer businesses, and have no others to help most of the time, you get stuck working 7 days a week. This isn't by choice, as much as it is by duty and requirement. For at least the last 10 years, I've worked May 20th-Sept. 20th without one day off. It's hard, tiring, and darned if you don't. God bless those that can get summer time off for fun, I know I very seldom have any time to do anything else but work, eat, and sleep.
  19. Listen to this too: called a mechanic for service in mid-late July, he was on vacation. Another one was in mid-August, for a customer, he too was on vacation. Then another one for another customer in late August, he was in Hawaii on vacation too. Can you believe with our short season, that any of these guys would leave town, and go on a vacation, when they have 6-8 months of sleepy time when boats are stored, to do their vacations? When I asked one owner why the vacation times in the middle of hustle and bustle for fishing, I was told, the employees want good weather vacation time, not during the fall/winter months. Since when do mechanics/employees dictate to their bosses when they get to get off?
  20. Thanks for the accurate observations on marine mechanics around our area. It amazes me that these people charge us $80-$150/hr. for their incompetence, which doesn't seem to get any better from one decade to the next. If so many are certified professionals, how come they can't fix our motors right the first time? It's a short season too as we all know, and marine mechanics are almost never available on the weekends, when boaters need them the most, another short-coming of their trade.
  21. I wish they could do this, or something similar, for the Ludington dunes where Sargeant Sand is now. Not to try to deflect private enterprise, but, they are removing tons and multiple tons of sand with double-tanker type semi's everyday, more than several times a day, everyday! I think most is going to industry involved in castings/foundries. So, I while wishing to keep those industries alive and well, it sure seems like much of our dunes is dwindling and disappearing daily, and with no let up, or even pause. It could be a sad event in the end, esp. if this keeps going the same way, into the far future.
  22. Nice report and good catch. Now for some steelie tails for dinner, eh?
  23. Putting the boat to bed is certainly sad, that's for sure. If it was me I'd ask firstly, do you and others going out feel safe the way she is now? Yes/don't fix. And also, when do you plan to move up and fish the big lake, and which lake? Might want to check old motor mounts too, rubber rots, they go after a long while. Good luck.
  24. I suppose you're right about security Ryan, esp. in this day and age. Being a child of the 50's-60's, I still often think like we're in a safe America most of the time. As for ocean cruises, I have been on many, probably about 14 to Alaska, Carribean, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, to name some. If you count the local carferries, I forgot how many total...lol.
  25. I saw these downriggers in person this past early September. I was very impressed to say the least. Not only are they beautiful, they look very rugged, and very technologically advanced. As explained to me, the tricks that these riggers can do is simply amazing. Good luck Ryan.
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