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  1. Where do you fish sir? I was curious, and welcome to a pleasant and polite forum, the GLF.

  2. Nice to see you on the GLF Steve, didn't know you were here until tonight.

  3. I love that icon above, is that in the UP? Quite the salmon for color and jaws. Reminds me of Alaskan salmon years ago when I visited. Cool.

  4. Nice looking 22' Crestliner. I hope it's calm for your visit in August.

  5. You coming over for the LOC (Ludington Offshore Challenge), Tourney this weekend? Well, we're at the middle of July, I hope you can come over in the next 6 weeks, cause after that, it's over. Thanks Duster. Most fish are deep right now, things are about to explode inside soon with warm water getting more abundant. Thanks.

  6. Jeff, you can check the fish-ludington.com website for the latest in good fishing info..

  7. The Fishing, if you want to call it that, is pretty slow yet in Ludville, but expecting it to get HOT in late July and August this season. Best report is 9 on 6/29/13 and that is Raptor, Glen. What's the claim to fame in GH right now? We mostly have 51 degree water on top right now, and I said to customers skunked, it's 52-55 degree water that's important, and not just below, but at least on top. fish-ludington.com. Thanks.

  8. You have a great knowledge of the way things work on and with the water there on spoons Legacy, and I congratulate you on an astute observation. That of good lures that have worked many years. But, some of the new ones are also awesome. Like Moonshines up here as an example. Btw, don't forget to visit Ludington either, esp. thompsonmarina. com. We can accomodate a free weekend for a start my friend. Best, RRII:grin:

  9. That's a nice Daisy Duke picture in the gallery, check my Hildy out too, also a GSP. Thanks.

  10. Hi Duster, welcome aboard the GLF site. I used to go watch the races in Kaleva when I could get away from business, but they switched to nite racing only, too far to drive late at night. If you ever get to Ludington, stop in at the Thompson Marina for a free night to get acquainted, thanks. Ed.

  11. Hi Mark, I wondered who your dad is and what boat he ran out of Algoma? I used to come over there in mid-July on my boat and stay at Pier 42 for about 3 days on vacation, always loved the guys there and the big fish we could catch. Thanks. Ed.

  12. Hey Jason, just wanted to send you a special tip of the hat and thank you for posting that Edmund Fitzgerald you tube post today, very inspirational and a sad memory of long ago that lives on today.

  13. Hi Tom, I was in your fair city twice and dropped quite a cash load at Armstrong's Sport shop the last two weeks. Nice shop I will try to visit more often nowadays. Nice people too.

  14. The guys here are great, glad you like it, me too.

  15. I always liked Keewaunee, nice port and charter captains too. Is that old Tug Ludington still around? It was a beauty too. Your Child's Wish day is when? It appears to be a great event with great purpose, good luck to you. Thanks.

  16. Hi Grant, just a quick memo to let you know we appreciated your business last weekend in Ludington, please return anytime. Looking forward to our next meeting, and wishing you all the best regards.

  17. Nice posts on the brine and meat rigs, I like.

  18. I like your thread on Big Jon, accurate and honest. I also like your "honey-do" occupation now since retirement, funny stuff.

  19. I like your videos, quite funny and informative too. Thanks.

  20. Thanks for your cogent comments and friendship John. I hope our paths cross too, anytime in Ludington, call or visit.

  21. Hey thanks for accepting the friendship. I like your take on a lot of posts, and it appears we are about the same in youthfulness too...lol. Good fishing. Thanks.

  22. Hi Tim, I used to stay at Pier 42 for many years in the late 80's and 90's on vacation. I know Kodiak and quite a few of the charter guys there too. Algoma was one of my favorite ports for fishing and fun, is the bar/restaurant still going? If time and gas prices permit, I'm coming back someday. Say hi to the guys for me. Thanks. Ed.

  23. That's quite a signature statement, pmp funny in fact. Keep up the good work early bird.

  24. Thanks for the info. Eyefull, I have now bought my first 2 gallon ziploc bags and find them quite nice, 10 per box, about $3.50 each. They will be useful next big catch.

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