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  1. Boat's gassed and ready to rock. Just waiting on an open port.
  2. If you're running the 45# copper then you can easily run it on the inside, leadcore on the outside board. 300' of lead will pass over 150' the copper on the way to the back of the boat. If you're running the lighter 32# copper... you'll want to keep them on opposite sides of the boat. The fish in my avatar came on 150' of 45# this summer.
  3. I was wondering when someone would throw out a Rapture fly! Love 'em! My favorite is a green hypnotist dragged behind a 8" mtn dew spin doctor.
  4. Dave, why don't you run any ace-hi plugs man? Those are deadly! To answer your original question, my spread is always evolving. Yeah sure, I've got my favorites. Everyone does. Light levels, weather, depth of fish, and some other factors will dictate what I run. I will always throw out an "unproven" bait just to experiment too. You never know what the next hot bait will be if you always run the same stuff. For me, fishing is all about experimentation.
  5. We had some good success with shorter leadcore sections. As far as spoons, Dreamweaver Super Slims were good to us. I like the Icles. Either green or blue, both took a lot of fish.
  6. Twilight: MS Double Trouble Daylight: Green Dolphin
  7. Hey man. I just watched some of your youtube vids. I loved the spring Brown one! Good stuff.

  8. Good job! I'm suprised they're still holding that deep!
  9. Warmer water, and deeper fish.
  10. Nice Jim! How big was the second one down? (That big nasty with the kype)
  11. I don't mean to open a can of worms and start a reel debate, but it needs to be addressed. Have you considered upgrading to some Penn's, or Diawa's? A king will smoke your drag a lot harder than a walleye. I understand it may not be economical for your situation to upgrade, and that's completely understandable. Ebay or your local craigslist is a great way to pick up high quality reels on the cheap. Invest a little more now and save a bundle later when you don't have to outfit a second time a few years down the road.
  12. Invest in lead and copper setups!!
  13. Been feeshin?

  14. These are a few from NW Michigan over the past 2 seasons.
  15. Same here. Don't waste your money on the new berkley version of a lure charger. I found that if its a double sided glow spoon, the side that is resting on the lights (the bottom) will only be charged with little spots where the spoon sat on the tiny LED's.
  16. Wow, that's interesting. I'll try that.
  17. 1) Green or Blue Splatter Back 2) Double Glow These plugs are deadly! Swap out the stock hooks though - they're junk. I replace with a 1/0 Gami's only on the rear, no hook up front. Less mess when the fish is in the net.
  18. Albright here too. Takes a few times to get it down, but once you do it's a great knot.
  19. This year ours has been a lemon ice 8" spin doctor with a Rapture yellow no-seeum. How about you?
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