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  1. Those are Blue Waters rod holders. They're made by a start-up company here in TC. Their rod holders are sweet. I really like 'em, very well made. http://bluewaterfishingproducts.com/Home_Page.php
  2. Hit Frankfort on Saturday night with my Fiance and her cousin Caleb. The rollers were bigger than I normally like to fish in my 17' rig, but we made a go at it anyway. We began fishing deeper water 100'+ without a strike so we moved into the shelf as it got pretty dark. Took 3 strikes on the same dipsey rig. Back 125 set on 2 with a white spindoctor and green fly. Lost ALL THREE fish. Hooked a freight train on a MS Bloody Nose on a rigger down 50' in 80 fow, lost that one too. Landed 2 shakers- one on a seven color, and one on a rigger down 40' both on moonshine happee meals. Ended up 2/6. Needless to say I changed out some hooks when I got home! Here's a little video of the trip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bXTT6H6OQ8
  3. How'd the weekend go? We got some big kings last week during our weekly tourney. Actually won it out of a field of 17 boats. Im headed out tonight.

  4. Find any browns or steel yet?

  5. Nice! I think you were the boat that went by as we boated the Steelie then.
  6. What time did you put in Jim? We fished 10-12pm. Needed to get home for the State game.
  7. Hey man, just stumbled across this site! Sweet! Im headed to Frankfort tomorrow. Theyre lighting em up over there!


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