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  1. Without the help of the federal government the asian carp would not be here to begin with. The feds need to open some processing plants and pay commercial fishermen to harvest them. Now when a foreign country needs our aid we can send them canned tuna dolphin free and made in the usa. This operation could create a few hundred jobs, we need the jobs by the way.
  2. The DNR needs to ease up on Splake and Lake trout regulations especially in northern Lake Huron. The splake do not reproduce and the bathtub is full of lake trout so allow them to be caught and kept year round. It would promote some ice fishing and off season fishing. Who knows it might promote some tourist $$$$$ to come up this way. I could drive a mile from my house and ice fish them in the winter and that would be nice. I am sure that catching lakers and splake through the ice would attract a few ice fishermen but definitely not enough to hurt the population much.
  3. Get a Lazer hand auger 6" if you are only drilling through a foot of ice it will beat anything else out there unless you are unable to use the hand auger. They are priced about $60 and I can put one through 30 inches of ice in a little over a minute. It is much lighter, makes little noise, and no gas to mess with. The 6 inch will drill an 8 inch hole. I have pulled 14 pound steelhead through the hole, unless you are after the hogs on L Superior it should be drilling big enough holes.
  4. I will show you a splake if we ever get one in the boat. The other guy I fish with never caught an Atlantic Salmon before and he did not know what one looked like. He does now and agreed that they taste way better than a chinook.
  5. I cannot believe some boaters are that ignorant on the water. I have delt with my share of ignorant boaters in the last couple of years. I had my first hook up with a boater last year when an idiot wanted to follow my boat not less than 50 feet behind me. A good fish hit on the dipsey and the line hit a rivet on his boat and pulled the fish off. I got my equipment back but told the driver what I thought of his selfish act in french and spanish even a little english. I tried for over a mile to shake this guy too.
  6. I take it a step further. I fish at night off of the breakwalls, surf, and in the rivers. I have caught pike, bass, and walleye while targeting trout and salmon at night. I even venture out onto the ice an hour or so before the sun pops up. The good thing about night fishing is that you don't have to wait to launch your boat. If you are fishing off of a breakwall, pier, or in the river you have first pick of the spots. I would have to say that I catch 70 percent of my fish in total darkness. If you do it enough you can adapt.
  7. Only in Superior do you get pics like that. Great day on the water.
  8. I hope that nobody in the US actually believes that Bin Laden got planted in the sea. Well he probably did after he went through the meat grinder and out the ballast. There is no way that he would get a proper burial once they had the body aboard the aircraft carrier.
  9. My first time we barely had two downriggers set ( I barely had a clue what to do, and only had a dozen spoons total) and a nice 14 pounder took the spoon got that one in the boat. I was resetting the downrigger and a 4 pounder hit, We caught another 4 pounder and a 9 pounder before we called it a night.
  10. Way to go!!!!Nice sized salmon for early in the year. It looks like by the time they work their way up L Michigan to St Ignace they might just be pushing 30 pounds. I can only hope that is true, my biggest last year was 25 on a solo trip.
  11. This time of year it is sometimes tough to find the active fish. Most of the time you can find something in the top 30 fow that will hit. That steelhead was probably only a few feet down and it followed your lure.
  12. Only in the UP do you catch a sunrise like that.
  13. The bottom is crawling with Lakers up here we generally throw them back if nobody in the boat wants them
  14. I have used coca cola to clean up lures before, but you do not want to leave them soak for too long. It does a pretty good job. I recommend to try it on one lure and go from there.
  15. Looking at the motor gas should be no problem for you. Just guessing that you can be be fishing in Wisconsin in about 20 minutes. Get it rigged and send more pictures, good luck fishing hope that you boat some big ones
  16. I stay away from the crowds and do most of my fall fishing at night, but in crowds the guys kind of get upset at the light line guys. They will reel in for you but then they expect you to have your fish in the net like about 30 seconds after it is hooked. The crowded places that I fish I have been there every fall for 20+ years so nobody is going to tell me that I cannot use 8 lb test line. They will also reel in and wait patiently while I fight my fish. That is the way it is and if they don't like it they will be the ones to leave. I am not afraid to tell someone where to go if they don't like how I fish.
  17. This is a prime example of how profitable poaching can be. They pay pennies on the dollar and are allowed to fish again in a year. I would bet that they go right back at it again with a little more caution this tiome.
  18. I have checked this out on you tube and it looks like fun. Has anyone done this with any luck. What weight jig head and it looks like they are using a large white twister tail. Am I correct? If anyone has had any luck doing this please inform me on the set up that works I would like to try it this summer.
  19. I am scrapping the Chrome 1 1976 185 Starcraft 120 I/O Siezed Motor All else is good If you need a lower unit, windshield, gas tank or other parts send a pm.
  20. Wet + cold = hypothermia that will ruin a fishing day in a hurry
  21. I am getting a 195 Sea Nymph with a 90 hsp Johnson great deal and no payments the boat comes with two manual riggers, fish finder, new batteries. I have two electric riggers from the old boat. I should have it ready to splash really soon as soon as the snow lets up
  22. KJ Pluggin I do not know which boat has more extras on it. He sure had that little boat or kayak loaded up
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