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  1. Take the same recipie and slow cook it in a smoker with plenty of chips. Nothing like smoked cajun salmon.
  2. I am still smiling and nothing against beater vehicles some make great transportation or boat haulers. I just hated that job so much and your supervisors made foing to work there horrible but somtimes you suck it up to support the family. I sucked it up there for 14 long years, now it is nice to see your old boss and get a chuckle.
  3. Whenever I am fishing on a pier and hook a salmon or trout if there is a youngster nearby, I ask them to take the pole and fight the fish. I do the coaching and the youngster catches the fish and I let them keep it. It may be the first big fish that the youngster has ever caught. I may never know the kids name and they may never know mine but they will cherish the moment. Over the fall and winter try it out and post the results with pictures and keep the thread going. I hope to see some pictures soon.
  4. Save eggs and go for browns, steelhead, and coho without the boat.
  5. Hey Boltman have your brother in law contact me I have been bad news to the salmon lately. My work # is 906 643 8630 or cell 906 430 7673
  6. Fished from 5:00 till 8:00 today lost several short hitting the lures but managed three fish two at 15 and one at 17 pounds. Not a bad way to start the morning.
  7. The UP is a great spot for salmon and trout which most people will fish for. If you have a small boat do not go too far out on the great lakes. I have been there when nice days turn in a matter of minutes. Brimley has great pike, walleye, bass, and perch fishing. If you go east or west you can find some good trout and salmon fishing. You may want to add your home location so people can help you better
  8. Ever had one of those bosses that just makes your skin crawl. Prior to being laid off from my old job three years ago, I had a boss that was a real company man who would sell his wife and kids if it was for the good of the company. Me on the other hand I hated every minute that I worked there because of him. After getting laid off I moved on to a much better job. I recently bought a new Jeep Liberty 4x4 and it is pretty awesome. Yesterday a rusty old green chevrolet pickup sat at a stop sign waiting for me to make a left turn. Inside of that truck sat my former boss. As I went by he waved and I waved back. I knew he must be thinking wow what a nice Jeep. I looked at the old green truck in my rearview mirror and thought I hope that truck runs forever. With the annual 15 cent an hour payraise that the company gives out you will never be able to afford one like this. I drove on down the road smiling and thinking I am sooo happy that I don't have that job and boss anymore.
  9. Run your balls about 40 to 60 feet deep, then run sliders or stackers about half waf up with long leads 100 feet or so with small spoons on top. It is a great way to hit lake trout or salmon deep and steelhead up high.
  10. She is learning. Catch, clean, & cook. She looks like she has the first part down pretty good.
  11. I find it ironic that nobody blames the crash on all of the wiers, spread throughout northern Lake Huron. Hatchery fish have a low survival rate anyway, then you reduce hatchery numbers and have very little natural reproduction and you have a recipie for disaster. For now the wiers are gone but that does not mean that if the salmon return that the wiers will remain closed. For a couple of years we caught salmon that looked like pike in Northern Lake Huron but there were also the nice fat healthy ones too, it is caled survival. Take the wiers out of the picture and I believe that Lake Huron would still have a good salmon population.
  12. I need a few brook trout photos posted if you can help. Fishwhisperer Taxidermy is doing a replica mount and would like some good brook trout photos to look at.
  13. Rick ran 300 ft of copper 30 ft of mono attached the planer and ran it back about 12 feet and bang the big tuna hit. The planer went under the backwash and about 8 feet down. It was one of the coolest things that I have seen in awhile. I thought the planer popped off until I looked in the backwash.
  14. You should have seen that first king pull the planer board down. We wound up with three kings all nice fish.
  15. Heidi, it pays to get to know some charter operators as well as some of the local fishermen. When not fishing I will hang out at the launch site and get as much information as I can.Like what lures, how fast, how deep, how far back I just ask a few questions. Sometimes fishing fewer poles gets you more fish too. When I mark fish really good I will cut back to two rods on the downriggers with 4 foot sliders. The reason that I do this is even in a big boat you can turn it on a dime and stay in the fish, without a tangle. The downriggers allow you keep your lures in front of the fish by raising and lowering them. Every pass through the fish I will raise or lower the riggers a little. I hope that this helps a little, Lake Huron is coming back but the DNR really killed it when they allowed commercial salmon fishing.
  16. I cannot believe how whacked out they get. My brother lives in Chicago and tells me wild stories about them all of the time. Like 200 picketers when the Illinois River was poisoned for asian carp. I guess some of these brainless critters have way too much time on their hands. They seem to show up at all of the anti gun meetings too. Let a deer or canada goose get whacked by a car and a major traffic jam results because all of the peta's have to stop and arrange a funeral
  17. Get this information to as many fishermen as possible. Ask them to cancel any canadian hunting and fishing trips and to put this information on as many posts as possible. This is a bunch of bull and the people being harassed are law abiding citizens. No more Labatts Blue or Cnadian Club. A big problem with this is that there are bouy markers in places and in other places it is a good guess. In a fog or windy weather you could get popped for just being close or it is entirely possible that their boarder patrol could pop you in US waters.
  18. I post all of my kills on the facebook every once in awhile I throw in a gut pile and have never had that kind of feedback but I am waiting for it to happen.
  19. It is bad enough that we had to support the Vancouver Queen for 8 years and she sent a good number of jobs and a ton of money to Canada. Now they want to sieze all of our fishing boats. This is probably a dozen posts I have read about this happening this summer. Time to contact your politicians and demand that it stop. If it does not stop then get cross boarder work visas cancelled, that will get their attention real quick. I for one would rather wake up in Afganistan than in Canada. Cancelling cross boarder work visas would open up a ton of jobs here in Michigan alone. Mabey something that should have been done years ago.
  20. From what I have experienced, they could very well be hunters that are slamming you. I live in wolf country and have had many experiences with them that will make cold sweat run down your back. Every time that I mention grey wolf in a post some pavement hugger that does not know a wolf from a chinese pug has to get their 2 cents in and thinks that they know everything about them. Al that I can say is good luck and hold your turf.
  21. Looks like fun. I hope that there are lots of boats entered in the tournament. Good Luck guys.
  22. Mabey Michigan should team up with other boarder states and cancel Canadian work visas. That would free up loads of jobs for Michigan residents alone. I know for a fact getting a Canadian work visa if you are a US resident is like winning the lottery. If you are Canadian and want a work visa in the US it is pretty easy to get. My former boss worked in the US on a Canadian work visa $50,000 a year job that a Michigan resident could have had. That guy was a horses behind not to mention a few other things too. After a few run ins with this guy I lost a ton of respect for Canada. I live 50 miles from Canada and will not go there for nothing not even fish.
  23. I think that it works best about 2.5 and when you are turning the boat quite frequently. It seems like every fish that I have taken on leadcore hits when you turn the boat.
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