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  1. Pulled in to Muskegon at 8pm Fri, drove by the beach, saw the flat lake and combat guys and had to put the boat in. Got out to 80fow and lines set at 9. Had 5 in an hour with a newby 12 year old kid reeling them in. We got out early Sat and didn't want to fish in combat mode so went to 80 again (bad choice) couldn't get anything going until we got back in front of the piers in 65-70 then we got a couple of doubles on Warrior Hot glow blueberry muffin and Dr. Death on riggers 40 and 50 (free sliders were good again too)and wonderbread hot Glows on the 4 and 5 colors. We worked that area for awhile then found some fish in 100 fow and picked up a few more hits on full cores with mag blue dolphin. Ended 6 for 13. Went out Sun to be greeted with some rollers. Worked our way slowly south to 55-60 fow and set up for a South troll (thanks to all the reports that let me know I overshot sat) Had a steady pick with 8 or 9 hits on that pass. Same Hot glow Blueberry muffin and Dr D on the riggers 40 and 30 ,Wonderbread on the 5 color but the blue bubble spinny went 3 times on 3 at 110- 120 out. Waves were kicking and we seemed out of the fish so we pulled lines to go back for another pass. Nothing !Worked our way straight out and caught one on a full at 115 Blue Dolphin. Turned after awhile and pulled a nice steely on a Warrior orange easter egg 60 on rigger in the same water. Trolled in had a couple rips in 85. Ended up coming home with 19. Not bad not great. Thanks for the other reports it heped. I was on my phone so I didn't report( fat fingers). Hopefully my next trip will be in Canada for steel:thumb:
  2. This mid teens Muskegon king decided that a Dr. Death U.V. colored Warrior flutter spoon was going to be his last breakfast
  3. Wish I didn't have a wedding to go to! I would of drug Big Papa over to fish this. I just got back yesterday and already trying to get back. Awesome fishing:thumb:
  4. I ran all different speeds. Thats how we got steelies at 3.0 mph. Oh well I don't mind catching fish on spoons one bit:cool:
  5. Three of us got over to Muskegon about daybreak Sun. Started heading North in 80 fow thanks to some help from Fishsniffer to get a good starting point ( Thanks Don, you Silver Streak guys are alright! ) After 30 minutes started marking fish and picked up a Steely on a fishcatcher/fly on a dipsy 150 back. Started picking up fish on downriggers 50 and 60 (most on free sliders) and ten color setups. Never took another hit on a flasher, it was all spoons. Action died and we headed straight out along the North side of the nets and picked up fish to 155 FOW. Ended up 10 for 13ish. Mostly on Warrior flutter spoons and regular sized Warrior. Magnum Blue Dolphin silver Streak connected a few times on lead. Monday we got out in the dark. We started in the same water and worked out front . Got three rods set, then they started going Stuck around out front until the marks dissapeared the took a trip on the south side of the nets ( actually in between the 2) to 150. We landed 4 steelies doing that. Worked into almost where we started but in 92 Fow and started picking up 1 or 2 for each really short pass. Ended with 16 (last was a double) Hot Glow wonderbread was by far the best today with the Streak Blue dolphin taking a good share. 10 color lead was best, caught a few on dipsy's 100 to 150 on braid set at 1.5 to 3 (spoons were best on them) riggers 50 and 60 down. Free sliders took a few but not as many as Sun. Only two fish on my flashers all weekend all the rest on spoons. My best speed was 1.9 ( darn walleye guys ) Caught steel up to 3 mph. Biggest kings were 14 pounders. Awesome "weekstart" to my vacation
  6. Sometimes you gotta be serius, Mishler:)BTW ....they warned me about you!
  7. My buddy got married up in Manistee over the weekend. So I hooked us up a trip with fellow Warrior Lures pro-staff, Fishlander Sportfishing Charters. We took an 8 year old boy and 13 year old girl with us and they can't wait to get back. We fished 130-150 Fow, at 1.8 mph with Meat rigs and Regular sized Warrior U.v. spoons. Had over 35 hits, landing 20 nice fish. Purple and U.V blue dolphin seemed to be the hottest colors...but it was mayhem:thumb:
  8. there is a rockford over on this side too
  9. I just take them to Duane at Boaters value in Wyandotte. Awesome Merc guy:thumb: Tell him that Matt Sell sent you ( not that they wouldn't take great care of you anyway)
  10. Although I am very concerned about the fishery ( and all the fisheries in the region) is that I am just a fisherman. I am not a biologist. After speaking with Dan O'Keaf ,for a good length of time, I would trust his vote for what needs to be done. I believe that they have there finger on the pulse of this fishery and are better educated on the matter. I just go out and find where the concentrations of fish are high so I can catch a bunch:grin: I have no idea what is going on in the whole lake. As much as everyone complains about the DNR, it is amazing that there is always world class fishing in the Great Lakes. These guys are doing a good job! I prefer to let them ( without my input)
  11. Did awesome on Friday( 12 really nice ones before 11am). Fished our club tourny on Sat. We ran from Erie Metropark in the morn. It was a little choppy and we missed our previous days waypoint by a mile or so (out farther). After missing for two passes and talking with buddies out deeper ( that were not doing well) We moved in to 21 FOW angling out to the 23 FOW we were at Fri. Picked away at them to get our 12 by 2 pm. Really had to be on that pod of fish. We differed by pulling spinners at about 1 mph. I think that I am going to pull out the spoons tomorrow.
  12. I totaled out my trailer in April. Having the proper insurance with Worldwide Marine insurance was awesome. I had a check in 4 days. So with the money in the bank and my boat in a slip( I prefer to pull my boat everyday for mobility), I was waiting the 4-7 days promised for my new trailer. After ten days I called "oh they told me it would be 2 weeks" Um thanks for telling me that! So 2 weeks went by and no call. So I started calling the marine twice a day until finally the manager found out the steel was on back order (another 3 weeks). They ended up getting me an aluminum trailer in the end for the same price but I passed up on 10 charter trips because I wouldn't book them without being able to trailer to the fish. Happy now but, a frusterating expierience for sure.
  13. My boat is not that fast. We cruise about 30mph when conditions are flat. So the ride out to the Canadian border from Mazuriks was about 20-25 minutes. That area they call the slop shoot has it's name for a reason. Well worth the drive anyway.
  14. We fished some shoals by Kelly's today. Pulling spinners between .8 and 1.1 mph(slower was better). We took 16 really nice walleye,tons of sheepieas and cats. 1 oz inlines between 20 and 35 back. Best blades were Warriors #5 colorados . Pink lemonade with a gold back was Hot as was Big Papa sportfing products Kelly Island Crusher antifreeze back( you knew with that name it was gonna be hot out there)
  15. If you can get your boat down to 1.2 mph crawler harnesses work awesome that time of year. 1 oz inlines #5 or 6 colorados or my new favorite Warrior #5 serrated willowleaf blades have been great the last couple of years. Pink lemonade and "net results" were my go to colors last year.
  16. I spoke with an ODNR last week. He said the same thing, we have seen the same with our 400 plus fish caught this year. Lots of fish in the 22-23 inch class and also the 2010 class is expieriencing exceptional growth rates so about half or more of those are reaching the 15 inch minimum. I still can not believe that we used to keep 13 incher back in the day. That was the smartest thing that they ever did on this lake raise the size limit.
  17. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/sturgeonsmall.jpg"] 4 foot long, took over a half hour to land on a jigging stick. Bit a 1 ounce jig and brown Wyandotte Worm
  18. we let a bunch go...had to work hard to get the 12 fish limit that we took. As we did not keep any over 8lbs. I mostly let the big females go if I can. Two of the fish we cleaned ended up with eggs, three small males, and the rest were spawned out.
  19. we were between e and f closer to F at the end, actually allmost right at F at the end and crushing them. Only burned 3 gallons of gas in the boat 30 in the truck though
  20. Had time for some fun fishing. Took Big Papa Sportfishing's Bob Bell and my dad down to the firing range in Ohio. We trolled deep husky jerks at about 1.2 mph, in 27 fow. A lot of colors were working, leads were 55 to 80 back. The Lake was perfect!! The fish counter ended up on 30 fish but I think that we didn't mark a few. Two 11 pounder, 4 others over ten, lots more fish Ohios,double header tens:):grin:
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