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  1. My life blood while trolling:grin: I LOVE that thing.
  2. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/blurred.jpg"]http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/fishpile.jpg"] Two of us ended up with ten nice walters. Someone lost a MONSTER right at the boat:( Awesome day, only boat out in the 15-20 mph winds. Trolling ripsticks and Deep Huskys at .9 to 1 mph
  3. That fish was maybe a little over six. We also caught one almost nine lbs. Today we picked up a four man limit of males in less than six hours
  4. Finally got my chores done and got the shakedown done. The fog limited the number of spots that I was willing to hit. We jigged up 9. All on plastics. It is ON! Hope the afternoon storms hold out so I can hit it again.Re76MP95HLk
  5. Great bags , American made, he will help you to size them correctly for what you want them to do. Awesome people to deal with. http://bigpapasportfishing.com
  6. Great advice! From what I have heard, they just made the test much harder in June. Besides the fact that you will have random drug tests all throughout college:thumb: That will keep you from doing any of that stupid experimenting. I try not to regret anything but , I went off on the wrong track when I was younger and it took me awhile to find my path. Anyways get it ( even if you don't use it). People will ask how long you have been a Cap and the longer that you have been will give you more credibility.
  7. Typically bright patterns , perch patterns, and sometime rainbow trout or blue/silver. Then pinks and purples.
  8. Husky jerks, reefrunners, thundersticks,deep rattling rogues.......lots of different stuff that works slow.
  9. I have not yet been out ( darn shows and seminars :) I should be out trolling as soon as the ice leaves. With this warm weather I am thinking March 20 give or take. I don't fish on others boats ( i spend a ton of time setting up my boat and equipment the way that I like it). You could go catch them now I am sure ( wish I had time) ...Maybe March 10th :)

  10. Mostly by May I am pulling meat ( crawler harnesses). I am not saying that you can't catch them on Reefrunners ( because I have had great days in early May on 800's) The majority of the time by then I am using 1 oz inlines and spinners.
  11. I just checked. Maybe if someone gets it for free let me know.I could be looking at the wrong app.
  12. I will be doing a seminar " Trolling early for Lake Erie walleye" at the Oakland County Sportfishing Association meeting. This seminar will take place on Feb. 15 , 2012 , at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. I will be covering where to start looking, what to be using , and why you should not be jigging. The meeting takes place at the Oakland County Sportsmens Club , 4770 Waterford Rd , Clarkston , Mi ,48346 , Phone 248-623-0444 If you are in the area please come and check it out.
  13. http://www.huronvalleysc.org/mich-ohio-expo/
  14. The Mich/Ohio show is this upcoming weekend. I will have a booth there,please stop by and talk some fishing. This show is at the Monroe County Fairgrounds.
  15. Traxtech made some improvements on the rigger for sure. 900 bucks. Big Jon raised prices 25 percent
  16. As it happens Our booth (even though I have not been in it much) is right across from Streak. So I was able to have a nice conversation with Don and Terry. Very nice to meet you guys,hope that your drive home was safe.
  17. I will be working the Big Papa Sportfishing and Warrior lures booths at the Novi show. Please stop by and say Hi ,if you are around the show. I love to talk fishing. I guide the Detroit River and Lake Erie for walleye and perch (also know a lot about Wheatly steelhead). MWC / Flw pro Brian Woodard will be there also. Brian is a jigging master and a spinner nut:thumb: Big Papa ( Bob Bell ) will be there to answer any of your trolling bag , rod holder , or tackle organization questions. Bob also has a lot of Awesome custom painted spoons and spinner blades ( I designed the "super chicken" and it was HOT over in Wheatley this summer. Thanks , Matt Sell
  18. I love my Terrova with I pilot ! I am running ten lines with people that have never fished. So I run the show and they reel in fish. I wear the controller around my neck and can bring a steelhead,salmon,or walleye to the proper side of the boat with a slight turn. As Nailer said..no real need for the i-pilot feature mostly just use compass navigation,BUT I have used the cruise control at times trolling. THIS THING IS THE BEST THING FOR PERCHING SINCE THE MINNOW !! Spot lock is incredible to say the least. I would not buy a trolling motor without it.
  19. Warrior superglow blueberry muffin Mag blue dolphin aces high glow blue splatterback Green 8 " fishcatcher with a green crinkle fly( what? did you guys think that these stopped catching a ton of fish?) 8" spinny blue bubble with a dolphin fly(I am oldschool I know) Funny thing this year I caught more fish on the Warrior flutter spoons than the larger ones and in Erieau steelheadin I did much better on standards
  20. We were about 3-4 mi off Vermillion which is about 9-10 from Huron. I talked to some friends and the fish are moving more toward Huron .Shoot me a message on Mon and I will give you some waypoints as I will be going in the morning and maybe Sun (weather dependant of course) There are fish stacked everywhere it just depends on water color.
  21. Oh there were a LOT of other boats ! We were fishing inside the pack. Gopro
  22. Dad and I having a little fun
  23. Fished off of Vermillion this weekend. Landed 10 Sat ,9 Sun with just two of us (4 lines ) . Lots of nice 7.5 - 8.5 lbers being caught right now. It should only get better . Reef runners 120 back . Eriedecent ,chartruese wonderbread,green flash worked well.http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/huronoct11012.jpg"]
  24. You will tangle and lose a few lures = no biggy..I try and not let it bother me. Even happened in Canada this year where there is NOBODY around:(
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